Sun and iPlanet E-Commerce Solutions power on-line health care portal for health professionals

New York 04 December 2000Sun Microsystems, a leading provider of hardware, software and services for the Net Economy, and iPlanet E-Commerce Solutions, a Sun-Netscape alliance, and the first provider of a comprehensive, best-of-breed Internet Service Platform, will power a comprehensive health care portal,, designed to drive a new era in clinical information systems to reduce costs and improve the quality of patient care.

Advertisement Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sunquest Information Systems Inc., will allow physicians, hospitals and payers to access clinical transactions such as orders and results for lab and radiology; medications; and decision support and alerts functionality, all via Sun's scalable, reliable and secure technology platform and the iPlanet Internet Service Deployment Platform.

The Sun and iPlanet-powered solution maximises the service-driven network in medicine, and combats rising health care costs related to inefficient paper-based processes. Lack of accurate information at the point of care decisions can result in redundant tests, misdiagnosis and drug interactions which are costly and sometimes fatal. When the patients experience complications, the process of alerting the responsible physicians requires a manual intervention that can be greatly enhanced via technology designed to save time in life or death situations.

Ravi Sharma, general manager for, stated that the practice of modern medicine is increasingly dependent on diagnostic tests, be it lab or radiology, and a majority of these tests are initiated with paper orders that contain minimal demographic or medical information, and very often illegible orders.

" will dramatically improve the 24/7 access to essential diagnostic information via any Web-enabled device. Our product will help doctors improve the quality of care and patient satisfaction. After a careful analysis of different platforms for our business, we selected Sun and iPlanet technology for peace of mind."

"Many health care providers and payers still rely on legacy computer systems for data management, patient scheduling, receivables, inventory control, etc. Sun believes it essential that the health care industry ascends to the next level of network-based applications, if the industry is to realise an improved patient care, dramatic cost reductions, as well as the emergence of intelligent physician Webtops", stated Murtz Kizilbash, manager of the Worldwide Healthcare Services Group, Sun Microsystems.

"Sun is a proven and trusted leader in this arena. Our relationship with further demonstrates Sun's commitment and ability to match our reliable, proven technology with the best-of-breed health care application service providers." will provide its on-line services utilising security guidelines compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). will offer Web-supported applications to allow physicians to prescribe medications, order lab tests and diagnostic imaging on-line, and in later phases of its application, allow on-line consultations from specialised medical experts, as well as automated alerts for potentially adverse drug interactions through pagers, cell phones or other hand held devices.

iPlanet E-Commerce Solutions, a Sun-Netscape Alliance, was established in March 1999 by America Online Inc. and Sun Microsystems Inc. to power the next wave of the Net Economy via thought leadership, technical innovation, expert services, and the creation of exceptional customer satisfaction. The iPlanet Internet Service Deployment Platform is the industry's leading software environment designed to enable rapid assembly and deployment of scalable Internet services. Supported by open and proven technologies, the platform includes the world's first messaging, directory, Web and application servers.

Sunquest Information Systems Inc. designs, develops and supports a full suite of information products for hospitals and health care networks, to include laboratory, radiology, and pharmacy systems. Characterised by service excellence, Sunquest also develops Clinical Event Manager, a cross-platform communication system which issues clinical alerts via e-mail or pager.

Sunquest's consulting division, Balanced View Consulting, provides a wide array of management and technical tools including laboratory redesign and optimisation, outreach and laboratory network programme development, and operational business and implementation plans. Founded in 1979, Sunquest is a market leader in clinical data management with more than 1200 sites worldwide.

Leslie Versweyveld

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