eHealthcare World trophy winner Medscape launches continuing education site for nurses

Hillsboro 13 December 2000Medscape, the leading provider of digital health records (DHR) and on-line health information, was recognised for achievement and excellence at the recent 2000 eHealthcare World Awards Ceremony in New York, earning the Gold Awards for Best Healthcare Engine and for Best Healthcare Portal. In turn, CBS HealthWatch by Medscape received the Bronze award for Best Healthcare Portal. also is the only authoritative health care Web site to provide a speciality site for nurses. Since its launch in September 1999, the popularity of the site has continued to grow and currently boasts a nursing membership from more than 200 countries.


Entrants from around the world competed for the eHealthcare World Awards in three levels, Gold, Silver and Bronze, in several categories representing a variety of health-focused Internet applications. The Award finalists are judged on a variety of criteria, including content, performance, design, structure and navigation, and interactivity. On December 5, 2000, the awards were presented at a special dinner ceremony at the Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers. and CBS HealthWatch by Medscape provide physicians and patients immediate access to news and health information on-line. Medscape is the most trusted source of peer-reviewed medical information and news on the Web. equally serves as a leading outlet for continuing medical education (CME) credits, having recorded over 25.000 hours of CME activity in the third quarter of 2000 alone.

In September 1999, a new continuing education (CE) service for nurses was launched under the name of Medscape Nursing. The 2.6 million nurses in the United states, nearly 80 percent of whom have Internet access, according to a recent survey by Mediamark Research Inc., can now obtain CE credits at no cost through this premiere source of on-line nursing information.

The service already has attracted advanced practice and speciality nurses who have expressed interest in on-line CE. To date, Medscape Nursing offers 35 CE programmes for nurses in the following subject areas: paediatrics, rheumatology, cardiology, dermatology, diabetes and endocrinology, gastro-enterology, haematology and oncology, HIV/AIDS, infectious diseases, neurology, primary care, psychiatry and mental health, respiratory care, transplantation, and women's health.

"We are delighted to provide on-line continuing education credits to nurses", stated Susan Yox, R.N., Ed.D., who is site editor of Medscape Nursing. "We believe we offer the most comprehensive no fee CE programme for nurses on the Internet. As part of our programme, we can help track the nurses' credits electronically so they always know how many they've obtained, and we can, in many cases, send them their accreditation certificates electronically rather than have them wait weeks to get paper certificates in the mail." Dr. Yox reported that the Resource Centers on pain management and hospice/palliative care have been especially well received.

Medscape has projects to further develop the CE site to attract other nurse specialists and practitioners. Plans include adding a comprehensive search tool which will focus entirely on nursing literature, expanded coverage of nursing conferences, greater access to nursing books as well as professional journals, and expansion of the nursing CE programme, including courses on pain management and oncology.

In addition to the CE programme, the Medscape Nursing site also features daily news updates; conference reports; a special section where the nurse practitioners can ask questions to experts in the field; treatment updates; clinical management; practice matter or information about the business of nursing; resource centres, containing information on specific diseases; a journal room; and an instant poll which is revised every two weeks.

Medscape delivers patient-centred, clinical health care data and up-to-the-minute medical information to health care professionals and consumers anytime and anywhere that information is needed. The core of Medscape's industry-leading product portfolio is the Digital Health Record (DHR). DHR applications and services are an integral part of the practice of medicine and are used everyday by physicians and consumers across the country.

Medscape's DHR enables physicians to access patient information, share data with existing systems, communicate among practice members and capture and store quantifiable data for patient-by-patient or population-based studies. The DHR also enables practice sites to interact with their patients electronically to answer questions, schedule appointments and address personal health concerns, while offering consumers private access to their medical records and related disease management information and services. You can read more on the Medscape philosophy in this issue's article Building a global e-health information business by wearing local shoes.

Leslie Versweyveld

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