The iCare Portal to serve hospital patients, staff and visitors with targeted content

New York 18 December 2000American Interactive Media (AIME) Inc., a developer of branded programming for multiple platforms, has joined forces with the Television Rental Company (TVRC), a fifty year-old veteran and a leading provider of telecommunication products and services to health care facilities, to create the iCare Portal. The joint venture leverages TVRC's infrastructure in more than 200 health care facilities, serving 65.000 beds to deliver programming and branded content and information services to approximately 14.5 million patients, visitors, health care professionals, and staff annually.


In the first of three phases, the iCare Portal will provide for free to patients an array of advertising supported existing and proprietary networks and programming, targeted for patients and visitors, who all are people that form a captive audience for niche advertisers. The iCare Portal will equally serve as a programming provider for all TVRC-serviced facilities by delivering Internet access to the bedside and providing on-line content through its proprietary iCare branded health centric portal.

In the third phase, the iCare Portal will provide its medical facility customers with broadband bandwidth via a strategic alliance with a national backbone provider. This will enable the iCare Portal to provide voice and data services to its customers, interconnecting the patients, physicians, hospitals, medical insurance providers, and others.

"The iCare Portal seizes an advantage in the changing environment of health care by utilising traditional media and the Internet to offer proprietary programming via an exclusive distribution network of hospitals and health care facilities already under contract with TVRC", stated Mark Graff, AIME's CEO. "Given access to adequate bandwidth, there are countless uses for information services by health care facilities from medical insurance processing, to distance learning to telemedicine. The iCare Portal will become uniquely positioned to capitalise on these opportunities."

"TVR Company has been providing television rental, programming and telecommunication services to health care facilities for over fifty years. With 850 employees, TVRC services over 75 percent of the hospital beds in the Northeast and nearly 90 percent in the Tri-State area. The iCare Portal is the natural evolution of our business", commented Herb Amster, Vice President of TVRC.

"We are confident that the patients will find the iCare Portal's services incredibly useful, enabling them to send e-mail messages, shop and receive entertainment and information while also being able to access the insurance carriers and medical records from their hospital beds. The medical facilities, advertisers and health care professionals will equally benefit from the iCare Portal's information and entertainment services."

TVRC, based in Woodside, New York, provides telecommunication products and services to more than 200 hospitals and other health care facilities that represent approximately 14.5 million potential annual users throughout the Northeast states. American Interactive Media, located in the New York City Silicon Alley, creates original, branded entertainment programming which can be distributed across multiple platforms, including cable and satellite television, the Internet and radio.

Leslie Versweyveld

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