VIDAR film digitisers to enhance quality of's remote imaging applications

Herndon 14 December 2000The two digitisers DiagnosticPRO "plus" and SIERRA "plus", developed by VIDAR Systems Corporation, the leader in medical film digitiser technology, recently have been selected for inclusion in MedReach, an Internet-based imaging system from

Advertisement, which is a leading application service provider of comprehensive health care portal solutions, stated that the VIDAR digitisers are an important addition to MedReach and will enhance the functionality of the system. MedReach enables clinicians to examine, diagnose, and to treat patients through private, Internet-based interactions, when direct, face-to-face contact is inconvenient, costly, or inefficient.

The addition of the VIDAR digitisers DiagnosticPRO "plus" and SIERRA "plus" will assist e-MedSoft in providing its customers with reliable film conversion and exceptional image quality, which are crucial for the successful delivery of health care over distributed networks. Both digitisers feature the latest version of VIDAR's proprietary High Definition CCD (HD-CCD) technology and a new Automatic Digitiser Calibration (ADC) feature, resulting in images which exceed the American College of Radiology practice guidelines for picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) and remote primary diagnosis.

John F. Andrews, chairman and chief executive officer, stated that the company selected the DiagnosticPRO "plus" and SIERRA "plus" because of their image quality, reliability and added value. "With the addition of VIDAR's clinically proven film digitisers, we are ensuring that our customers obtain the exceptional image quality needed for remote imaging applications", Mr. Andrews commented. "By incorporating the latest film digitiser technology, we are creating added value for our customers. We believe this technology will advance the adoption of network medicine solutions to further improve the delivery of care."

According to Brian Beardslee, vice president of VIDAR's Medical Business, the selection of the VIDAR digitisers by and a range of other systems solution providers reflects the company's continued commitment to product excellence. "VIDAR's digitisers deliver superior image quality, reliability, durability, and significantly lower total cost of ownership due to their lower purchase price and maintenance-free operation", Mr. Brian Beardslee stated. "We are looking forward to providing's customers with the latest in advanced digitising solutions which will allow them to focus on the patient, not the equipment."

The DiagnosticPRO "plus" achieves a superior optical density range and image resolution, resulting in the highest quality images in the industry. The new "plus" product enhancements introduced at the 2000 Radiological Society of North America Conference, incorporate a mammography resolution as a standard feature, which expands the high-resolution capabilities of the DiagnosticPRO "plus" digitser to 44 microns.

The wall-mountable SIERRA "plus" digitiser solves some of the most common barriers to film digitiser use. It combines high image quality, low cost, compact size, and flexibility of siting, which allow imaging centres and small- and medium-sized hospitals, as well as larger hospitals which require multi-digitiser solutions, easy access to this increasingly important technology.

The MedReach is the very first subscription-based health care management system available for delivery through the Internet. The company provides physician organisations with comprehensive health care portal solutions which improve productivity, lower operating costs, improve access to health care information, and enable the providers to deliver better quality care. The company is based in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

VIDAR Systems Corporation, a privately held technology company based in Virginia, is the leading manufacturer of x-ray film digitisers and advanced solutions for medical markets. VIDAR's family of film digitisers serves the PACS, remote primary diagnosis, teleradiology, telemedicine, mammography, and oncology markets. VIDAR's digitisers are the choice of more than 100 systems solution providers worldwide. More information on the VIDAR film digitisers is available in VMW's October 2000 article A.L.I. Technologies to add VIDAR's film digitiser to its PACS Product line.

Leslie Versweyveld

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