New software to convert 3D human models into interactive 3D Web objects

Uppsala 09 January 2001Cycore, a company specialised in interactive 3D for e-business, and bioVirtual, a developer of technology for photo realistic 3D human models, characters and avatars, have released the 3DMeNow with Cult3D Exporter package. This new software programme converts animated 3D humans into interactive 3D objects for use on the Web and in multiple applications, such as Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and Adobe Acrobat. The 3DMeNow with Cult3D Exporter allows anyone to quickly and easily create interactive photo realistic 3D human models, characters and avatars, for use in entertainment, security, and scientific applications.


"This new technology brings yet another dimension to Web entertainment and e-business experiences", stated Jerry Pettersson, Cycore's chief technology officer. "With this co-offering, Cycore and bioVirtual will be delivering a tool that provides a truly amazing, easy-to-use method to create highly realistic, interactive animated 3D humans in short time frames. All you need to capture the 3D object is a digital camera. Just snap photos of your model from the front and in profile, and then load the images into the 3DMeNow programme. This is another giant leap in bringing 3D for the Web into the mainstream."

The 3DMeNow with Cult3D Exporter software is based on Cycore Cult3D and the 3DMeNow technology from bioVirtual. Cycore Cult3D, used by many of the world's major brands in consumer electronics, transportation, and e-business, provides low-bandwidth interactive 3D objects that can be viewed by virtually anyone with a computer. The bioVirtual 3DMeNow product range offers unrivalled real time 3D rendering, digital human modelling, as well as animation capabilities.

The bioVirtual worldwide patent application, originally filed in August 1999, is scheduled to publish in 2001. Having access to the Cult3D extension of 3DMeNow will be of substantial benefit to Web site developers who want to improve e-commerce effectiveness, site stickiness, and customer service, according to David Hothersall, who is Business Development Manager for bioVirtual. "It will be a very valuable tool for anyone using the Web for all types of customer and partner interaction. In addition, the entertainment applications of this tool have enormous potential."

The bioVirtual company specialises in technology for photo realistic 3D human models, characters and avatars. The company aims to establish its state-of-the-art software and methodology as the de facto standard for 3D people in security, scientific and entertainment applications. The company works with Aspley Limited to deliver a state-of-the-art Facial Identification system for the Police and Law Enforcement sector.

Cycore designs interactive 3D software for e-business. The Cult3D software is an award winning product visualisation technology used on Web sites, in Microsoft Office documents and in Adobe Acrobat files to help e-businesses increase on-line sales, enhance sales presentations, and improve customer service. To date, the number of Cult3D viewer downloads exceeds 5 million. The company was established and maintains headquarters in Sweden, with offices also in the United States, Canada, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. On September 30, 2000, Cycore had 106 employees.

Leslie Versweyveld

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