Malaysian Selayang Hospital chooses Spacelabs' paperless electronic medical record approach

Redmond 16 January 2001Spacelabs Medical Inc. has completed a major installation that forms the foundation of the electronic medical record (EMR) at Selayang Hospital's revolutionary, new, 960-bed health care facility in Malaysia. Spacelabs Inc. is a provider of integrated medical information systems and instrumentation with a strategic focus on wireless, telemedicine and Internet solutions for health care.


The goal of Selayang Hospital was to implement a truly patient-centred, enterprise-wide information and management system which had to maximise the efficiency and utilisation of clinical and nursing staff. Given this concept, Spacelabs met two of the primary objectives, indicated by the Selayang Hospital. First, the company integrated bedside monitoring into the EMR, by delivering a truly electronic patient record. Second, Spacelabs provided a single integrated clinical workstation which can be used for all applications.

Spacelabs Ultraview Care Network will form the backbone of the hospital's critical-care IT systems. Information from monitoring and other devices has been integrated into the patient's electronic chart right at the bedside, thus creating the foundation for the electronic medical record. Data from other hospital information systems, such as radiology, pharmacy and pathology, is also integrated at the point of care.

According to Dr. Rosnah, CEO of Selayang Hospital, Spacelabs was selected because they had the architecture to fully integrate the monitored variables on critically ill patients, such as patient monitoring, ventilation parameters and fluid infusion, through a seamless network into a powerful, yet easy to use Clinical Information System. "Additionally, remote access using Spacelabs' Internet-enabled Web Source is bound to provide a valuable tool to clinicians when they are working outside the hospital and need to access information in the critical-care areas", added Dr. Rosnah.

Commenting on the project, Spacelabs Chairman and CEO Carl Lombardi stated: "We are very pleased to have been selected a partner with the Selayang Hospital and the Ministry of Health in making this visionary project a reality. This show-place installation crystallises Spacelabs' ability to offer a system which can bring together patient data into an integrated system and Selayang's desire to revolutionise the way in which patient information is gathered, stored and communicated throughout the hospital."

The Selayang Hospital is integrating data collected from Spacelabs and other manufacturers' devices that are used to monitor or treat the patient with the Spacelabs Caremaster Plus departmental information systems. These novel departmental applications were designed to meet the specific needs of each care area, reflecting the work flow and unique requirements of each of them. They allow to automate routine aspects of patient care documentation and also to incorporate a highly configurable flow sheet for the integration of all relevant patient data into user-specified views.

The Selayang Hospital has also acquired Spacelabs telemetry transmitters in order to permit flexibility in monitoring less acutely ill patients and Ultraview transport monitors to assure an uninterrupted monitoring when patients are moved.

Located 15 kilometers north of the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, Selayang Hospital will be the most advanced hospital facility in Malaysia, a country of 19.2 million people. The hospital has twenty-two operating theatres as well as Malaysia's most modern imaging, day-care, intensive-care, hand- and micro-surgery, and liver transplant centres. Through a structured training programme, doctors and nurses can familiarise themselves with the clinical solutions and information systems which are implemented in the hospital.

Leslie Versweyveld

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