New generation GeneMatcher2 to provide optimised gene sequence similarity analysis

Pasadena 17 January 2001Paracel Inc., a Celera Genomics business, recently has launched GeneMatcher2, a new generation high-throughput supercomputer offering increased sensitivity and performance in sequence similarity analysis. Introduced in 1997, Paracel's GeneMatcher was the first computer designed for commercial use with custom application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) technology to specifically analyse genetic information.


A single GeneMatcher2, about the size of an average suitcase, contains more than 27.000 programmable parallel processors. It executes some of the most sensitive and selective algorithms, such as Hidden Markov Models and Smith-Waterman, for biological data searches, analysis and gene finding at speeds thousands of times faster than the latest generation microprocessor.

"Over the past two years, industrial-scale, automated sequencing has accelerated the sequencing of the human genome and biological research in general", stated Kwang-I Yu, Ph.D., president of Paracel. "The issues now are to compare, annotate, and understand the massive amounts of data being generated. To do so effectively, we need to leapfrog current computing technology, and build tools which can keep pace with databases that are doubling in size every few months. GeneMatcher2 makes it feasible to apply some of the most sensitive algorithms to industrial-scale genomic problems, yielding results in a matter of minutes that might otherwise have taken months or even years to execute. We believe that this product will have a significant impact on pharmaceutical and biotechnological research."

GeneMatcher2 incorporates the latest electronic and bio-informatics technology, as well as lessons learned from its predecessors, GeneMatcher1 and GeneMatcher-Plus. GeneMatcher-Plus, currently operating at forty pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic sites worldwide, is the leading bio-informatics hardware accelerator. GeneMatcher2 offers increased acceleration, higher throughput, better price/performance ratio, lower start-up costs and more configuration options.

GeneMatcher computers precisely analyse similarities and differences of DNA or protein sequences in relation to other sequences of known genetic location and function. These comparisons provide researchers with critical insights for drug discovery and other genetic research applications. The GeneMatcher system is a plug-and-play computation server which can be connected to any network. It is delivered with a full suite of software tools from Paracel allowing GeneMatcher to be easily used in any bio-informatics environment.

Paracel provides high-performance genomic data and text analysis systems for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and government markets. Paracel is a business unit of Celera Genomics, an Applera Corporation business. Paracel is headquartered in California. For more information on the GeneMatcher, please consult the VMW article Genomic analysis refined through high performance GeneMatcher.

Leslie Versweyveld

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