CYBeR-CARE to set up Electronic HouseCall System in China

Atlanta 10 January 2001CYBeR-CARE Inc., a telehealth technology innovator, recently activated live telehealth network operations in China, supporting its joint venture with SIIC Medical Science and Technology Group of Hong Kong. CYBeR-CARE's first initiative to disseminate its Electronic HouseCall System (EHC) in this region will be handled through its new wholly owned Asian operating company, Cyber Pacificare Ltd.


The EHC system is a family of products utilising Internet network technology in order to create two-way communications between chronically ill patients and a network of health care providers by using voice, video and data transfers. Cyber Pacificare has exclusive rights to distribute 64.000 EHC units throughout the People's Republic of China over the next four years with plans to expand into other parts of Asia.

"This joint venture will enable thousands of Chinese citizens to have access to health care services that were previously very limited or essentially non-existent", stated John Haines, President, CyberCare Technologies. "CyberCare Technologies is proud to lead the charge for a more global telehealth marketplace."

In Shanghai, initial installations have been completed at the Shu Guang Hospital and at four local community centres. There are thousands of these community centres throughout the Shanghai province, providing social and cultural services to citizens.

CYBeR-CARE's monitoring system uses packet technology which benefits users by simultaneously transmitting voice, video and medical diagnostic data. Patient vital signs are collected, using medical devices such as an electronic stethoscope, thermometer, blood pressure cuff and glucometer. The data is stored in a central database for real time or periodic monitoring by caregivers. Caregivers measure results against a patient's historical data, enabling the delivery of improved patient care and more effective disease management treatment.

CyberCare Technologies is a subsidiary of CYBeR-CARE Inc., located in Boynton Beach, Florida. CYBeR-CARE is a network company with a patented Internet-based technology system which provides for remote monitoring of individuals for health care purposes. The company also has physical, speech and occupational therapy centres and an institutional pharmacy. You can read more about the Electronic HouseCall System in the VMW January 2000 article CyberCare granted patent on patient-friendly tele-monitoring system.

Leslie Versweyveld

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