Per-Se's enhanced electronic patient record features medical error prevention and clinical decision support

New Orleans 05 February 2001Finding the right solution to prevent medical errors, reduce costs and improve clinical outcomes is a top priority for health care organisations. Per-Se Technologies Inc. is addressing this industry-wide demand with the latest Java technology and decision support advances in its Patient1 patient-centred, point-of-care system. Patient1 supports health care delivery in the United States and a number of international markets, automating every aspect of the care experience to create a single, confidential, computer-based patient record (CPR).


Per-Se is using Java technology to evolve and expand the scope of Patient1 to support physician order entry at the point of care and providing real time alerts about potential deviations from customised care paths and protocols, as well as drug interactions. Patient1's new Java-based clinical desktop allows clinicians to easily access patient data across the health enterprise.

In addition, Per-Se's Patient1 system performs criteria-based analysis using information derived from orders, clinical alerts, protocols, and customised care paths. Per-Se's Decision1 Clinical Analyser, a powerful, on-line clinical data warehouse, provides outcomes measurement tools for critical data analysis to support advanced clinical decision support functions such as case mix analyses, outcomes analyses, and other population studies to support best practices and process improvement across the continuum.

"Per-Se's Patient1 CPR solution is assisting the clinician at every point in the care delivery process, providing real time alerts or initiating protocol orders based on pre-defined criteria. Additionally, both orders, relevant nursing notes and results can be routed real time to the right person for immediate action or review", stated Matthew W. Morgan, M.D., Per-Se's director of health care informatics. "Together, physician-based orders and clinical decision support offer a powerful combination for improved patient outcomes. Study after study has shown that CPRs with built-in clinical decision support effectively support best practice."

Per-Se is an early adopter among health care information systems vendors to use Java in the development and deployment of functionally rich, enterprise-wide patient care software products. Java technology offers the architectural framework that enables Per-Se to design highly graphical and intuitive user interfaces for patient care software applications requiring enterprise-wide scalability and usability.

Currently, the Java-based graphical user interface is providing Patient1 users with additional features including improved clinician navigation, enhanced clinical decision support and the ability to integrate other applications and Web-based information management tools into a standard clinical desktop. All of these features are expected to expand the use of Patient1 by physicians and other clinicians, and assist in reducing the risk of medical errors.

Per-Se Technologies Inc. delivers comprehensive business management services, financial and clinical software solutions, and Internet-enabled connectivity with business intelligence and e-health solutions. Per-Se Technologies enables integrated delivery systems and physician practices to optimise the quality of care delivered and profitability of business operations simultaneously. Per-Se supports 35.000 physicians and 2000 health care organisations. The Atlanta-based company processes more than 240 million medical transactions annually and its solutions manage 26 million patient lives on-line.

Leslie Versweyveld

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