On-line health content provider adam goes "Tango" in Spanish and Portuguese

Atlanta 08 February 2001adam.com Inc., a creator and syndicator of health information, and DrTango.com have released Spanish and Portuguese versions of adam's Web-based, illustrated health information products. DrTango, a provider of health- and medical-related applications and content in Portuguese and Spanish, translated adam's Health Illustrated Encyclopaedia, Surgeries and Procedures, Pregnancy Health Center, and Child Safety Health Center into Spanish and Portuguese. DrTango also adapted each of these products to provide cultural relevance to the Hispanic community.


"With more than thirty million Hispanic residents in the United States alone, there is a great need for Spanish-language health information", stated Robert S. Cramer Jr., Chairman and CEO of adam.com. "adam's exclusive collaboration with DrTango has resulted in premier e-health content that positions us as the leader in providing real time health information to an important demographic worldwide."

In August 2000, President Clinton signed Executive Order 13166, which mandates that organisations receiving federal funding comply with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act to provide language assistance and translation of vital documents and information to individuals of Limited English Proficiency (LEP). The Spanish and Portuguese versions of adam's on-line health products are important resources for health and medical organisations that strive to be in compliance with these requirements.

"These products have been designed with the English-speaking health care professional who aims to provide quality health information to Hispanic consumers", stated Dr. Dirk G. Schroeder, Executive Vice President, DrTango.com. "A unique feature is our trilingual search engine which allows a nurse or doctor to search using medical phrases in English, but find relevant articles in Spanish and Portuguese."

DrTango translated more than 10.000 pages of adam's Health Illustrated Encyclopaedia into Spanish and Portuguese and tailored thousands of medical conditions, illustrations, diseases, symptoms, injuries and surgeries to be culturally relevant to the Hispanic and Latin American communities.

"The release of the adam/DrTango Health Illustrated Encyclopaedia and other adam products in Spanish and Portuguese forms a significant milestone for our company", commented Robert Estrada, CEO of Tango Holdings. "DrTango.com is now positioned to be the leading company supplying premier Spanish-language medical content and applications to health care providers, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, portals, and educational institutions."

adam's content syndication network consists of leading e-health sites, hospitals, pharmaceuticals and managed care organisations including Healtheon/WebMD, Yahoo! Health, The Iowa Clinic, The National Library of Medicine, and Merck-Medco. DrTango.com will extend adam's syndication network beyond the U.S. by distributing the co-branded adam/DrTango Online Health Encyclopaedia to Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries across the world.

DrTango.com Inc. develops and licenses premium Web-based health- and medical-related applications and content in Spanish and Portuguese. The company specialises in developing proprietary diet, fitness, diabetes, and other personal health management applications. DrTango's translation division, eTransCreate, excels at translating, localising and Web-enabling large and complex jobs. DrTango's customers include hospitals, universities, insurance and pharmaceutical companies, HMOs, Web and health portals, and other businesses with a desire to help improve the health of their customers. World headquarters are located in Roswell, Georgia, and international offices are based in Mexico and Spain.

For more than a decade, adam.com has been at the forefront of developing the world's most interactive and engaging health and medical information. Today, through partnerships with companies including Yahoo!, WebMD, the National Library of Medicine, and Pearson, adam has quickly become the leading creator and distributor of engaging, interactive health and medical content to millions of consumers, professionals, and students around the world. adam's proprietary content library features a medical encyclopaedia covering 4000 diseases and conditions, 40.000 medical illustrations, health education presentations, 3D image models, virtual tours of the human body, broadcast-quality animations, and topic-specific health centres.

Leslie Versweyveld

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