OpenMed platform delivers on-site application inspection and go-to-market IT readiness for health care providers

New Orleans 06 February 2001eHealthEngines, an operating subsidiary of United America eHealth Technologies, and Sun Microsystems Inc., a systems and software provider, have implemented the OpenMed application platform at Sun Microsystems iForce Ready Center, located in Menlo Park, California. An intelligent physician solution, the OpenMed platform allows physicians and health care professionals "anytime, anywhere" access to critical health care information and diagnostic images, and provides quick and cost-effective delivery of clinical processes via the Web.


"Installation of the OpenMed application platform at Sun's iForce Ready Center offers health care clients an unparalleled opportunity to evaluate our products, review the scalability and reliability of their current technology, and determine which hardware and software solution sets are best suited to achieve optimal results with our mission-critical OpenMed applications", commented Mark Gillett, President of eHealthEngines. "Sun's iForce Ready Center is a surefire method to meet blazing time-to-market realities, and enables the health care companies to leverage our customised, comprehensive, and best-of-breed solutions along with Sun technology and partners."

The entire process occurs on site at Sun's iForce Ready Center, starting with a near-exact replica of the health care customer's IT infrastructure. After careful analysis, expert iForce Ready Center consultants turn out a detailed road map to integrate and battle-test the technology. Likewise, a customised proof-of-concept allows the client to witness OpenMed results first-hand, based on the new technology blueprint. The finished product is a customer-ready menu of eHealthEngines' OpenMed products, including the eHealthImages and eHealthReports application services, allowing clinical health care providers access to their practices over the Internet.

OpenMed Manager and OpenMed Viewer, the result of 10 years of research and development, offer health care professionals a unique Web accessible window into their practices' clinical information, as well as secure access to diagnostic information, images, and reports. Hospitals, clinics, diagnostic imaging facilities, and clinical laboratories benefit from streamlined work flows, reduced direct operating costs, and an improved information quality through the introduction of sophisticated Web-based clinical tools.

eHealthEngines developed the OpenMed application suite based on Sun Java technology computing standards. The strength, scalability, security, and outstanding performance of the Sun technology platform is ideal for customers wanting to take advantage of e-business solutions designed specifically for clinical health care delivery.

"Sun Microsystems is pleased to welcome eHealthEngines to Sun's iForce Ready Center community", stated Darryl Parker, senior director for Sun Microsystems application market development. "Sun and eHealthEngines agree that the key to building a successful e-health infrastructure is to start at square one, with the customer's own business processes, and devise a detailed road map in order to reach their e-business destination. The iForce Ready Center constitutes a proven methodology for incorporating Sun's open Internet technologies from start to finish, and delivers a proof-of-concept for visible, tangible, and measurable results. Working with eHealthEngines, Sun will provide one stop shopping for those health care providers who recognise the value of their e-business applications."

eHealthEngines, a subsidiary of United America eHealth Technologies, is an international provider of clinical application technologies and services. eHealthEngines OpenMed applications and application platforms integrate clinical images and information to deliver unified physician Web-top access and management of clinical work flow processes and information. eHealthEngines JAVA and XML engines deliver an open, Internet based platform for delivering efficiency savings and process improvement by transitioning clinical activities to the Web. Founded in 1993 out of several leading US academic medical centres, eHealthEngines is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with offices in California and the United Kingdom.

Leslie Versweyveld

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