Canadian e-health platform keeps physicians up-to-date with emerging trends in medicine

Toronto 25 January 2001MDS Inc. has purchased GenerationMD, an organisation which provides Web-based medical education for physicians. MDS Inc. holds the majority share of the new entity; MDS Capital Corp. and the GenerationMD founders hold the remainder. GenerationMD conducts continuing medical education (CME) for Canadian physicians over the Internet including live interactive sessions. These educational sessions are archived on the site allowing physicians to continue their medical education anywhere, anytime, and are fully accredited through McMaster University. GenerationMD joins the MDS suite of Web-based tools that will be combined to provide a solid e-health platform for physicians across Canada.


Dr. Daniel Kollek, MD, CCFP-EM is an Associate Professor with McMaster University and is also Director of Continuing Medical Education in the Emergency Programme at the Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation. Dr. Kollek noted: "With the globalisation of the medical community, it is no longer possible to consult our colleagues face-to-face, because they may be continents away. The Internet forms a perfect forum for this global dialogue. Companies like GenMD provide cutting edge academic content which can be accessed by physicians regardless of time, location or ability to travel. The interactive sessions provided by GenMD are the closest that one can come to attending a live teaching session without actually being there."

MDS Diagnostic Services has a number of other e-health information tools for physicians that are natural extensions of a physician's routine practice. These include Web-based tools that allow physicians to quickly and easily check a patient's laboratory results, to discuss specific treatments one-on-one with the experts and to stay up-to-date on the diagnosis and treatment of disease. MDS plans to make these tools available through a single e-health platform to allow physicians fast and easy access on the Web. The platform will be expanded through internal development, acquisition, and partnerships. MDS Capital Corporation provides a window on the world of emerging new applications in e-health.

Peter Bennett, Senior Vice-President MDS Diagnostic Services commented: "We needed to be certain that the Internet had evolved to the point where it could reliably, safely and securely handle sensitive patient data. We needed a way to tie the various MDS Internet tools together, to provide one simple, secure access point for Canadian physicians. We needed to create an Internet base for growth and innovation. The GenMD acquisition gives us the platform and the people to make this a reality."

Dr John Rayson, MD, Medical Advisor for MDS, explained: "Physicians increasingly have less time and a greater need to stay up-to-date with the emerging trends in medicine, in order to treat patients more effectively and to maintain our professional College certification. At the same time, we know the Web will have a both profound and positive impact on how we practice medicine. The novel MDS e-health platform will enable us to successfully integrate the Internet into our everyday practice and will assist us in treating our patients most effectively."

MDS Inc. is an international health and life sciences company. MDS' focus is fighting disease. The company does this by providing laboratory testing, imaging agents for nuclear medicine testing, sterilisation systems for medical and consumer products, research services to speed discovery and design of new drugs, therapy systems for planning and delivery of cancer treatment, analytical instruments to assist in the development of new drugs, and both medical and surgical supplies. MDS Inc. employs over 11.000 highly skilled people at its global operations on five continents.

MDS Capital Corporation, 47 percent owned by MDS Inc., is a leading North American venture capital company, with more than $800 million in assets under management. MDS Capital Corp. has invested, on its own behalf or on behalf of third parties, in over 120 health care and life sciences companies operating in the areas of e-health, telemedicine, pharmaceutical design, biotechnology, medical devices, equipment and supplies, and health care delivery and service in Canada, the United States, and internationally. MDS Capital enjoys a close strategic relationship with its largest shareholder MDS Inc.

Leslie Versweyveld

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