WAM!NET's new clinical reporting function applied by US Immigration and Naturalization Service

Eagan 05 February 2001WAM!NET Global Healthcare, a subsidiary of global information technology services provider WAM!NET Inc., has developed a unique new clinical reporting application for health care. Using a "job ticket" function, health care organisations can now add the status of MRI, CAT-Scan and other digital images along with important patient demographic information in each digital file sent and stored on WAM!NET's network. This eliminates the need for manual paper processes and offers physicians and technicians up-to-date status reports on patients.


WAM!NET's suite of services allow health care organisations to share data-rich digital files, including MRI and CAT-Scan images, efficiently and cost-effectively over a highly secure private network. Institutions such as Massachusetts General Hospital and the Immigration and Naturalization Service currently use these services to allow for immediate long-distance access to patient records and other critical files. Additionally, WAM!NET's services are ready for the evolving requirements set to be introduced in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 and are certified by the United States Government's General Services Administration.

For example, the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) uses the new reporting function to integrate patient demographic data with the digital chest x-rays taken of patients at intake centres around the United States. The INS attaches the reporting ticket to each image and securely transmits it through the WAM!NET network to the University of Maryland Medical Center for review. Following examination, these images are then stored with this pertinent patient information in WAM!NET's WAM!BASE digital archive service.

"New guidelines and regulations for handling patient data are requiring health care institutions to more closely examine their information technology infrastructure, especially with regard to security and privacy", stated Mark Hunter, general manager at WAM!NET Global Healthcare. "Our company presents a high-performance, cost-effective way to address security and privacy issues without having to make major capital investments."

The WAM!NET network services enable customers to efficiently collaborate on-line and share large digital files, shortening production cycles and reducing costs. The company provides several levels of network services. WAM!NET Direct! Service is the company's fastest, most secure and reliable network service, supporting both still and motion-based media. In turn, the WAM!NET Internet Gateway Service combines the simplicity of Web access with the security of WAM!NET's private network, allowing industry partners to exchange data files over the Internet in a more predictable, secure and trackable fashion. WAM!NET also offers network service levels to connect with ISDN, satellite, and other regional connections.

In addition, WAM!NET's storage service, available on an outsourced, subscription basis, is accessible via the company's privately-managed IP-based network or a secure Internet connection through WAMNET.COM. WAM!BASE Archive Service is a centralised, off-site management and storage service. This service offers a range of storage capacity levels in order to meet the customer's unique media production and distribution, and digital asset management requirements.

Headquartered in Minnesota, WAM!NET is an information technology services provider of business-to-business managed network, data storage, application and hosting services to companies that produce and distribute digital content. Delivered to customers on an outsourced, subscription or pay-per-use basis, the company's services unite content within WAM!NET's on-line, secure digital environment. WAM!NET serves many of the world's leading corporations, ad agencies, studios, broadcasters, publishers, medical professionals, and government agencies. Commencing operations in 1995, WAM!NET has approximately 15.000 corporate end users of its e-services worldwide. WAM!NET services are available throughout North America, Europe, Japan, and Australia.

Leslie Versweyveld

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