MedUnite partners with and Sun to link payers, providers and physicians for on-line transactions

New Orleans 06 February Inc. and Sun Microsystems Inc. have collaborated to help power MedUnite's industry-transforming network for on-line medical and insurance transaction processing. and Sun have been selected by MedUnite to enable seamless information exchange between MedUnite's member organisations, including major health care providers and insurers. By leveraging XML, eXtensible Topic Mapping (XTM), as well as the latest Java-based technology in the application platform, Sun and will help bring new levels of efficiency to the $1.2 trillion U.S. health care industry.


MedUnite's system, announced in November 2000, will help reduce exceptionally high transaction costs, which amount to an estimated $250 billion annually across the health care industry. MedUnite will offer payers, providers and private physicians a unified, Web-based platform for real time processing of administrative transactions, including referrals, authorisation, claims, eligibility, and reporting. By enabling its member organisations to share and process information securely between their back-end legacy systems, MedUnite leads the health care industry in adopting next-generation alternatives to manually processing complex medical and insurance records.

"MedUnite and its best-of-breed technology partners, including, Sun Microsystems, CSC, and Deloitte Consulting, are leading a revolution in health care, one that will amount to a much more efficient health care system across the United States", commented Dave Cox, president and Chief Executive Officer of MedUnite. "In developing our on-line transaction system, MedUnite evaluated only vendors providing a technology advanced enough to overcome the technical obstacles, and scalable enough to accommodate an entire industry. Sun Microsystems' technology and's XML software complement each other perfectly in the application platform that is the foundation for our business, so much that their combination was the only possible choice after our review of technology providers."

In facilitating the information exchange between its member companies, MedUnite must not only integrate high volumes of data from disparate legacy systems, but also ensure the confidentiality of patient information. MedUnite selected to provide its data integration technology based on the company's extensive experience with using XML to solve the technical problems faced by major health care organisations. By leveraging its XML-based architecture in conjunction with the XTM publishing standard,'s application platform provides powerful tools for customisation, work flow, transaction management and content management solutions over the Internet.

The built-in security features in Sun's scalable, reliable and highly available Solaris 8 Operating Environment make Sun ideal for building a highly secure environment for exchanging medical information. In addition, Sun's hardware and software have been battle-tested in health care environments, and have been adopted in other industries, including financial services and telecommunications.

"The question is no longer whether or not the health care industry will migrate to real time provider-to-payer connectivity; the current question to answer is whether it is the right time to begin the transition yesterday, or the day before yesterday", explained Murtz Kizilbash, manager for Sun Microsystems' global sales organisation in health care. "Sun envisions a health care industry which operates more efficiently through seamless information exchange, and MedUnite's adoption of open, interoperable computing standards is an outstanding example of that vision in action. Of course, on-line transaction processing is just one of many pillars which will support the next generation of e-health care, and Sun's work with, MedUnite, and other technology leaders demonstrates our commitment to building that future."

"The MedUnite solution is completely transforming the business of health care. This is the foundation of the future for connectivity between all of the players. The end-user will increase productivity, while companies are realising the return on their investments. It is only through the most robust extensible technology that this revolution can be achieved., Sun Microsystems, and our other partners are honoured to lead the forefront of technology in health care", stated Lorine Sweeney, President and CEO of is a provider of strategic eBusiness portals and business-to-business Internet solutions. The company builds mission-critical Web sites and leverages its XML-based architecture and a proprietary set of search, filtering and integration technologies in conjunction with the XTM publishing standard to provide a mass-customised and personalised eBusiness environment. This is tailored to enhance the client's personalised brand and to process high value transactions and mission-critical applications. Next to cost savings, facilitates revenue-generating opportunities for organisations through its Xtiera Platform of applications and services.

MedUnite is a San Diego-based service company developing real time, Web-based connectivity enabling physicians, insurers, and other health care constituents to efficiently and economically handle various administrative transactions. Its open technology model enables confidential, secure access for all providers and insurers.

Leslie Versweyveld

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