TeleMedic's remote monitoring services facilitated through hostmark's Web hosting assistance

London 07 February 2001Doctors will be able to help people thousands of miles away as a result of a tie-up between telemedicine solution provider TeleMedic Systems and hostmark, Britain's newest secure Web hosting service. TeleMedic was founded in March 1996 to design a product that would realise the concept of a medical vital signs diagnostic device for use in geographic locations remote from qualified medical staff. As a telemedicine solutions company, TeleMedic Systems needs secure Web hosting in order to allow doctors to have access to the incoming information.


TeleMedic's target was to produce a computer driven monitoring device, called VitalLink 1200, connected to medical sensors, utilising open architecture for on-site and remote monitoring of a patient. The patient data is transmitted to a base where qualified medical practitioners, viewing this information, are able to evaluate and advise on-site users on the best course of action.

The VitalLink 1200 consists of a kit the size of a small rucksack that allows an untrained operator to transmit a patient's vital signs to a monitoring centre where a doctor can get a diagnosis back within seconds. This is very important in emergency situations, where the most crucial factors are the time which it takes to establish an initial medical diagnosis, followed by the appropriate medical response.

Before selecting hostmark, TeleMedic Systems Inc. considered a variety of companies. The criteria were ability to provide hosting services on a global basis, 24 hour/seven day operation, as well as a good market reputation. "hostmark filled those requirements and more, but we really chose it because it recognised us a pre-IPO company with a market that is about to grow very quickly", stated Chris Turner, chief operating officer at TeleMedic Systems.

"hostmark provided us with a great start-up package and is helping our product development team consider ways of using the Internet to boost growth. It means our team can focus on taking the product forward, without having to worry about traditional hosting issues", he added.

The development comes at an important time for hostmark, which previously operated under the project title "advantag-e". The switch to the name hostmark represents the final stage in the company's evolution from dynamic concept to business reality. "We have finalised our European strategy and now we are launching hostmark as the brand name under which we will take the company forward", explained hostmark chief executive Bruno d'Avanzo.

"With funding from The Sturm Group, we plan to roll out twelve highly secure Internet Data Centres across Europe. This offers us an international footprint, which will give our specialism a solid presence in ten European countries. We are delighted to work in partnership with TeleMedic Systems, and we will be with them for the long haul to help with the marketing, databasing, and Internet infrastructure they want to do", Mr. d'Avanzo stated.

hostmark is a pan-European Web hosting company with its headquarters in the United Kingdom, which is set to become the leading provider of Web hosting and value-added services for large and medium companies across Europe. With state of the art Internet Data Centres (IDCs) located in the United Kingdom, and further high performance IDCs being developed in Germany, Sweden and France, hostmark plans to have a presence in every major European country.

In addition, hostmark aims to provide the highest level of Web hosting dedicated managed and co-location facilities, and value-added services to businesses across Europe and is developing significant partnerships to enable it to offer a one-stop-shop service which will assist customers in exploiting the Internet to its full advantage. Currently undergoing major investment, hostmark was co-founded in January 2000 by The Sturm Group and Bruno d'Avanzo, and launched in January 2001.

Leslie Versweyveld

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