Full-Frame Technology to optimise Ziehm's C-arm image quality while reducing patient radiation dose

Helsinki 14 March 2001Instrumentarium Imaging Ziehm GmbH has now enhanced its image quality further by equipping the C-arm with new optimised camera technology. The newly developed Full-Frame Technology allows the entire image processing chain to operate in non-interlaced mode, thus enhancing its dynamic range and reducing noise, particularly when the imaged object is in motion. In addition, high-performance filters combined with the new non-interlaced technique reduce the radiation dose received by the patient by 30 percent with no loss in image quality.


Conventional interlaced technology records even and odd image lines in two sweeps and subsequently merges them to generate an image. If the patient moves even minimally during the image acquisition, blurred and noisy images with low definition and poor contrast are produced. The Full-Frame Technology of the Ziehm Exposcop 8000 records the image in a single sweep and thus minimises image interference. Ultra-fine structures become visible in hitherto unknown quality, to produce significantly sharper images with improved contrast.

High-quality x-ray filters are additionally responsible for reducing the patient dose by 30 percent in all current versions of the Ziehm C-arms. The level of radiation to which the physician and operating theatre staff are exposed is also reduced at the same time. Instrumentarium Imaging Ziehm follows a consistent dose reduction policy with the Exposcop 8000. In addition to the Full-Frame Technology, digital image rotation and mirroring, as well as the virtual collimation, laser light positioning, and well-known automatic organ adjustment contribute to the radiation decrease to which the patient, the physicians, and the personnel are exposed.

Instrumentarium Imaging develops, manufactures and markets diagnostic x-ray imaging equipment, systems and solutions for surgical as well as interventional imaging with the Ziehm C-arms, mammography including the Diamond, TACT 3D, Performa, and Alpha product family, and dental imaging with the Orthopantomograph product family. Instrumentarium Imaging Ziehm GmbH has focused on the crucial aspects of C-arm technology since 1971. The result is a high-performance mobile C-arm system, which has secured the company not only market leadership in Germany but also international recognition in surgery, endoscopy, and cardiology.

Instrumentarium Imaging is part of Instrumentarium Corporation, a leading international medical technology company, operating in anaesthesia and critical care with Datex-Ohmeda and Medical Equipment. Instrumentarium had sales in 2000 of euro 912.8 million and employed approximately 5200 professionals worldwide. Instrumentarium Corporation is listed on the Helsinki Exchanges with ADRs listed on the Nasdaq.

Leslie Versweyveld

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