Primecare to select Sigaba's HIPAA-compliant secure e-mail for doctor-patient communication

New Rochelle 20 February 2001PrimeCare Systems Inc. (PSI), a wholly owned subsidiary of OCG Technology Inc., has chosen Sigaba Corporation's Email Encryption Gateway for securing its health-related e-mail transmissions over the Internet. PSI's Internet interactive medical interview system, PrimeCareontheWeb (PCW), facilitates collection, analysis, and delivery of the patients' history of present illness (HPI) reports from patients to doctors.


Sigaba Corporation specialises in securing content which is communicated over the Internet. The combined solution ensures that only the patient's health care provider is able to consult the results of the medical interviews from PCW. Sigaba encrypts the message, ensures that the sender and recipient are who they say they are, and protects the information with a seal, preventing anyone from tampering with the content. The physician can be assured that the information he or she is reviewing has not been altered, and the patient can be confident that his or her private medical information remains completely private throughout its path from patient to physician.

"It is important for doctors and patients to communicate in ways that are easiest for them. Consequently, PSI has made an effort to incorporate as many communication channels as possible with its PCW product, including secure Web sites, fax, pager, and now Sigaba-secured e-mail. The technology allows PrimeCare to leverage Internet e-mail communication in a way that is not only secure, but also complies with the level of auditing and encryption recommended in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)", stated Jeff Nelson, Vice President of OCGT.

"We looked at many security solutions. The Sigaba HIPAA solution was by far the most cost efficient and easiest to implement. It also is extremely timely since Hackensack University Medical Center's ISP is being activated and registration to use PCW has commenced."

The HIPAA regulations mandate that any electronic transmission of patient data be standardised, secure, and subject to rigorous privacy and auditing rules. Currently, HIPAA has a staggered regulatory schedule requiring hospitals, physicians, pharmacies, health insurance, and health information systems to comply by 2002-2003.

"We are pleased to be able to offer a simple and affordable solution to PrimeCare and their customers. With the addition of the Sigaba Gateway, PrimeCare can offer secure e-mail delivery to PCW, allowing PCW to maintain full HIPAA compliance, including complete confidentiality of records and communications", commented Gary B. Friedman, Sigaba Chairman and Co-founder.

OCGT and PSI have an extensive commitment to health care software and informatics technology. They own, maintain, and operate several Internet Web sites based upon PSI's PrimeCare Patient Management System. All of PSI's products actively involve consumers in their own health care.

Sigaba Corporation secures enterprise-class messaging solutions. The first products released secure e-mail communications for enterprises and individuals, providing end-to-end complete data security for e-mails across the Internet. Sigaba solutions are available at a much lower cost and with a much faster implementation time than most Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions. In contrast with PKI based systems, there is no cumbersome key management required on the part of the user. Sigaba handles it all on the back-end, without compromising either privacy or security.

Leslie Versweyveld

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