New Healthwise Knowledgebase smart on-line companion for health information therapy

Boise 19 March 2001Healthwise Inc. has unveiled its "intelligent" on-line consumer health information product, the New Healthwise Knowledgebase. The novel product activates Healthwise's Prescription-Strength Information content with the necessary tags to push the right information to the right person at the right time. For the first time, prescription-strength on-line consumer health content is indexed to clinical concepts and industry-standard vocabularies, such as ICD-9 codes, so that people can get the information they need to make the best health care decisions.


According to the March 1, 2001, Institute of Medicine (IOM) report, Crossing the Quality Chasm, patients are not getting the up-to-date information they need for making health care decisions, and this lack of reliable information is putting them in harm's way. Healthwise responds with a product that helps physicians, hospitals, health Web sites, and other health care organisations prescribe the information necessary for improving health care.

"This month's Institute of Medicine report clearly demonstrates that information is powerful medicine", stated Donald W. Kemper, MPH, chairman and CEO of Healthwise. "Information is most powerful when it helps people as they face major health decisions. By pushing Prescription-Strength Information to patients in time to support their decisions, we can improve the quality of care."

Surveys have proven that people demand trustworthy health information for managing their health. Healthwise is a non-profit organisation that has been helping people make better health decisions for more than twenty-five years. The Healthwise Knowledgebase has a best-of-class reputation, because it is decision-focused to improve health care choices and outcomes; unbiased in its examination of all medical research; and reviewed in addition by leading medical experts who understand evidence-based medicine.

Healthwise is also clearly referenced to the evidence sources, with regular updates from the most current, comprehensive research, packed with helpful illustrations, and easy to use and understand. The compelling, intuitive user interface includes powerful search functions. A novel complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) option makes the Healthwise Knowledgebase a one-stop shop for e-health users.

The Healthwise Knowledgebase equally contains in-depth and up-to-date information on 1900 health problems, 600 medical tests and procedures, 500 support groups, and 3000 medications. The tool is created through a proprietary content development process that seeks out the best evidence-based information on every medical issue. The Healthwise Handbook is a convenient print companion to the on-line content; "more info" icons encourage readers to go on-line to the Healthwise Knowledgebase.

"The Healthwise Knowledgebase helps empower people to be active partners in every health care decision", commented Gene Drabinski, president and COO of Healthwise. "With Healthwise content, people have the unbiased, evidence-based information they need to improve home treatments and to work with their doctors in deciding which health care services are best for them."

Prescription-Strength Information from Healthwise helps people understand their options for prevention, self-care, medication therapies, diagnostic tests, and medical treatment. Healthwise helps employers, health plans, e-health companies, and communities to improve health care quality, decrease health care costs, increase member satisfaction, and attract loyal Web users.

The new features of the Healthwise Knowledgebase will be available in the Autumn of 2001. New, flexible pricing models allow more people to benefit from the award-winning Healthwise information. Delivery options include a Healthwise-hosted format as well as self-hosted html, Software Development Kit, and XML formats for easy integration. Features vary according to the delivery options.

Healthwise reaches 20 million families every year with Prescription-Strength Information in its self-care books, on-line content, and nurse call centre resources. Healthwise provides trusted health information to nine of the top ten Health Management Organisations as listed in the November 2000 issue of Managed Healthcare. The Healthwise Handbook is linked to the Healthwise Knowledgebase to combine the convenience of print with the depth and currency of the Internet. Healthwise information is the foundation of self-care programmes in the United States, Canada, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

Leslie Versweyveld

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