SoftWatch and CSC support European pharmaceutical industry with customer-focused e-marketing platform

New York 22 March 2001Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) has closed an alliance with SoftWatch to co-market Internet e-business and e-marketing products and services to pharmaceutical and health care multinational companies. CSC will offer consulting and IT services to support the SoftWatch Relationship Server (SRS) 2.0 platform and subsequent versions designed specifically for the health and wellness industries. CSC, a global consulting and IT firm since 1959, has a firmly established European pharmaceutical and health care practice, whose offerings include e-business strategy and solutions implementation to Europe's top pharmaceutical companies.


SoftWatch Company, a provider of Internet customer relationship management (CRM) solutions for health care e-business and e-marketing, gains access to the CSC network of European-based technology consultants. The initiative is an important step for SoftWatch whose global customer base already includes pharmaceutical giants such as Aventis, Abbott Labs, Glaxo SmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, and Schering Plough.

As a SoftWatch partner, CSC will use SRS 2.0 in order to build and deploy Web-based applications for its pharmaceutical clients to support business strategies in core areas, including product development, patient education and compliance, market research, physician and advocate outreach, and Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) marketing. CSC and SoftWatch will also work together to develop joint e-business offerings including specific solutions for e-CRM, e-clinical trials, and e-DTP.

SRS 2.0 is the first proven, fully customisable e-CRM platform exclusively designed for the health care industry, with an emphasis on performance, reliability, and rapid deployment. SRS 2.0 enables customers to implement a broad range of eHealth care relationship management (eHRM) and marketing initiatives, including professional and consumer portals, and on-line patient support and disease management communities. CSC consultants from the company's European offices have been trained on the SRS 2.0 platform, and the technology is already being applied towards one major French project with a top five pharmaceutical company.

"Our relationship with SoftWatch Company will enable us to offer our pharmaceutical clients a competitive advantage by getting them to market faster with a best-of-breed solution for creating deeper and more valuable relationships with their customers on-line, while simultaneously building a centralised database of customer knowledge which extends throughout the enterprise", commented Fred Brown, CSC's Vice President European Life Sciences Group. "We look forward to working with SoftWatch on making SRS the gold standard in health care CRM in Europe as well as in the United States."

"As industry consolidation continues to globalise the pharmaceutical industry, we are excited to work with CSC on bringing SRS to Europe", added Dr. Daniel Teper, Senior Vice President for SoftWatch. "For a fractionalised market such as Europe, a unified global e-business and e-marketing platform that allows for individualisation on a country-by-country basis offers cost-efficiency and brand consistency."

Exclusively focused on meeting the unique health care business needs in data management, security, and privacy, SRS 2.0 enables health care and pharmaceutical companies to leverage their technology across multiple brands and initiatives to track behavioural patterns and measure them against specific indicators such as conversion, retention, and utilisation.

"All of us being professionals of the health care world, we have rapidly recognised the very specific use of SoftWatch for patients, physicians, and industry marketers. The project which we are currently running together in France, is built on a trusted partnership and goes along with a common understanding of our clients' needs. More than offering good solutions, our two teams learn a lot from one another and improve their own capabilities for the sake of the client", stated Beatrice Bernard, Senior Manager in the Healthcare Practice CSC France.

"CSC's world-renowned track record in pharmaceutical e-business strategy and solutions implementation make them an excellent partner for SoftWatch. We look forward to working with such a seasoned player to meet the business challenges of pharmaceutical companies and address their growing demand for global health care solutions on the Internet. This alliance demonstrates our continued focus on incorporating best-of-breed solutions to expand the SRS software functionality, and address the e-business needs of health companies worldwide", Dr. Teper stated.

Leslie Versweyveld

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