TomTec Imaging to introduce 4D Cardio-View ultrasound powered by TeraRecon's VolumePro

San Mateo 19 February 2001TomTec Imaging Systems GmbH, a company specialised in three- and dynamic-three-dimensional ultrasound technologies, known as 3D/4D ultrasound, is introducing 4D Cardio-View, its new real time ultrasound product. 4D Cardio-View is powered by VolumePro technology from the Real Time Visualisation division of TeraRecon Inc. This company recently acquired the Real Time Visualisation division from Mitsubishi Electric. The VolumePro integrated hardware and software solution delivers real time 3D volume rendering capability to standard computer systems.


TomTec's 4D Cardio-View constitutes a very versatile, real time, 3D-ultrasound processing and analysis tool. It is designed for the immediate display and evaluation of dynamic-three-dimensional ultrasound images. The technology is applicable for most commercially available 3D acquisition methods, including trans-esophageal echocardiography (TEE) and trans-thoracic echocardiography (TTE), as well as cardiac freehand acquisition.

The modality of imaging ultrasound data in 3D dramatically improves the display and comprehension of anatomy and function. Real time rendering is applied to these data which allows for clinical information to be accessed and manipulated in real time. The ability to access and manipulate vast amounts of data increases not only the amount of data to be visualised but improves the quality of diagnostic information. Real time rendering allows the user to analyse, display, and diagnose anatomical structures without any time delay. 4D Cardio-View is available for stand-alone Windows NT workstations or as an add-on option for existing TomTec 3D workstations.

"The advanced 4D Cardio-View product family is TomTec's solution for its customers with the need for faster and easier access to the benefits of three-dimensional ultrasound data. Also, this new technology is tailored to address novel requirements like Operation Room applications in cardiology where fast access to clinically relevant data is essential", stated Frank Schlau, TomTec's Vice President of sales and marketing. Bernhard Mumm, Chief Technical Officer and President added: "For us, the excitement of these new improvements is tremendous. With the real time product family we, once again, put TomTec at the forefront of new technologies and at the same time have a solution for the clinically oriented user."

In turn, VolumePro forms the world's first 3D real time volume rendering technology targeted to enable immediate diagnosis of increasing amounts of 3D/4D volume data for medical applications. VolumePro is already utilised extensively by manufacturers of Computed Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance (MR) scanners and 3D workstations to improve the interactivity, clarity of image, and ease of manipulation of large volumes. The ultrasound manufacturers are increasingly employing VolumePro technology for 3D and 4D imaging requirements.

Jamie Jacobs, Chief Operating Officer of TeraRecon, observed: "The availability of true 3D and 4D ultrasound solutions is bound to dramatically increase the value of ultrasound applications in cardiology, obstetrics and a host of other clinical applications. With this announcement, TomTec has continued its leading position in practical, cost-effective tools for advanced visualisation in ultrasound."

The TomTec headquarters are located in Munich, Germany. The company's international operations include offices in Japan, Singapore, and 3 regional offices in the USA. TomTec maintains close working relationships with many leading universities and ultrasound manufactures worldwide. With a large installed base of approximately 500 3D-ultrasound systems, TomTec holds a leadership position in 3D ultrasound. TomTec's product line encompasses a wide range of 3D-ultrasound technology for acquisition, analysis as well as for reconstruction. The product line is applicable to the fields of adult and paediatric cardiology as well as obstetrics, gynaecology, radiology, and also vascular diseases.

TeraRecon is a fast growing, privately held company, located in California, with branch offices in Tokyo and Concord, Massachusetts. TeraRecon targets the medical imaging industry on various levels. In addition to proprietary processing and reconstruction solutions with unprecedented speed for next generation CT and ultrasound scanners, TeraRecon delivers products for the entire range of medical imaging applications from acquisition, to reviewing, distribution, and archiving. Its Real Time Visualisation division, recently acquired from Mitsubishi Electric, has established itself as a global leader in providing proprietary, patented real time 3D imaging solutions for medical, geophysical, scientific, and research applications.

Leslie Versweyveld

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