European Samba Telemedicine System offers American physicians ready access to clinical data

Charlottesville 10 April 2001A new system being introduced in North America will allow physicians a better and more efficient method of accessing clinical data, including medical images from services such as pathology, dermatology, haematology, microbiology, and radiology, via a secure Internet connection. The system is the result of a joint agreement between Ampersand Medical Corporation, owner of the Samba Telemedicine System, and MedSpecialists Inc., a provider of medical speciality information-management solutions.


Under the terms of the pact, MedSpecialists will market Samba Technologies image-management and communications applications as part of the company's medical speciality-specific clinical offerings. Samba is a European medical-image management and communication system which includes text formats in computer-based patient documents. Marketed via MedSpecialists' direct sales force, the new tool provides physicians with a combination of ready access and unparalleled productivity and informational tools. It equally offers an affordable solution for medical facilities without advanced computerised resources.

"Combining our speciality focused work flow solutions with Samba imaging capabilities will give physicians ready access to capturing and accessing comprehensive clinical information", stated Michael Kappel, chief executive officer of MedSpecialists. "Samba's ability to integrate medical images from the entire patient-care process and integrate it with all other relevant medical information makes it a smart combination for today's market."

Samba Technologies is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ampersand Medical, based in Grenoble, France. The company is well known outside North America for its expertise in medical imaging solutions. Samba's image-management and communications applications have been available in Europe since the mid-1990s, and more than 120 customers use the Samba Telemedicine applications in Europe. MedSpecialists will be the first to offer these applications in North America.

"In Europe, the Samba technology repeatedly has demonstrated its ability to integrate medical images from different areas of health care into a cohesive case and to manage the information accordingly", stated Peter Gombrich, Ampersand chairman and chief executive officer. "When Samba is combined with the MedSpecialists offering, it eliminates the need for large-scale hardware and the associated costly capital expenditures. At the same time, it will provide users with access to software tools and clinical information, enabling them to work smarter and more efficiently."

The addition of the Samba imaging applications to MedSpecialists' product line will enhance general diagnostic services, like pathology, dermatology, haematology, microbiology, and radiology services. It will also provide access to high quality images for the treating physician, addressing important work flow and outreach challenges.

Based in Virginia, MedSpecialists forms a health care software and services company dedicated to improving efficiency in the delivery of speciality care. MedSpecialists assists health care providers by acquiring, aggregating, and organising all manner of clinical data and making it accessible via a secure Internet service. It permits the centralisation of scarce and sophisticated medical technologies, and also facilitates professional collaboration among conferring specialists.

Leslie Versweyveld

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