ITXC Push to Talk service allows doctors to have voice-enabled live interaction in MedCases' e-learning programmes

Princeton 11 April 2001MedCases, an expert in the creation of on-line simulated case-based learning systems for physicians, and ITXC Corporation, a provider of worldwide Internet voice services, have integrated ITXC Push to Talk service into MedCases' Web-based e-learning programmes, used by educational institutions, practising physicians, health care delivery organisations, and pharmaceutical companies.


MedCases has placed Push to Talk buttons throughout its Web applications, enabling medical professionals to establish a voice connection with pharmaceutical representatives or MedCases' customer service agents using their telephones or directly through their computers.

For instance, with just a mouse click, physicians can speak directly to a representative who can answer questions or forward samples of a product mentioned in a MedCases educational programme. Medical students can use ITXC Push to Talk service to receive immediate, on-line assistance from a MedCases expert.

"The Push to Talk service allows MedCases to overcome one of the most common problems in the delivery of Web services, user frustration and session abandonment", stated Keith Cox, Co-Chairman of MedCases. "By giving health professionals easy, on-demand access to assistance from a live person from within an interactive Web application, we provide a level of personalised service which is unparalleled. This is useful in our medical training products as well as our pharmaceutical communications services."

ITXC Push to Talk service gives on-line businesses a competitive boost by helping them meet consumer demand for high-touch service. Live one-to-one interaction not only leads to greater customer satisfaction, but also allows for more cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and, ultimately, increases profitability. ITXC is offering this service on a pay-per-call basis, allowing companies to add the intimacy of voice to their Web sites, e-mail promotions, and banner ads without any capital investment.

"This relationship combines MedCases' experience and reputation in the e-health industry with the power and reliability of ITXC's network and services", stated Jeff Gaus, Marketing Vice President, E-commerce at ITXC. "Together, we have created a unique solution for the health care industry to integrate e-business applications with voice to meet on-line business objectives."

As of 2001, the leading Web applications, browsers and e-mail programmes, are voice-enabled. ITXC led that transition by providing Web marketers and on-line businesses with services that make voice a natural, everyday element of the consumer's Internet experience.

All Push to Talk calls are transported over the company-established and operated global network,, which has carried more than one billion cumulative minutes of Internet voice traffic since 1998. Using its patented BestValue Routing technology to route the voice traffic in real time around any Internet congestion, ITXC combines carrier-grade quality with Internet economics.

ITXC Corporation established and operates, the largest global network for voice on the Internet with 466 points of presence in more than 263 cities and 96 countries, as of March 31, 2001. ITXC's patent-pending BestValue Routing technology provides such high voice quality over the Internet that tier one carriers use ITXC for worldwide phone-to-phone traffic without indicating that the calls are actually going over the Internet.

Based in Philadelphia, MedCases delivers innovative case-based e-learning products and communications services to the health care industry. Working with top medical schools and opinion leaders in medicine, MedCases uses a proprietary Internet-based method to deliver a comprehensive, cost-effective learning system with applications for educational institutions, practising medical professionals, health care delivery organisations and pharmaceutical companies.

Leslie Versweyveld

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