Medem-Prevea partnership to enhance the on-line patient-physician relationship

San Francisco 17 April 2001Medem, the secure patient-physician e-health network founded by a group of medical speciality societies and the American Medical Association (AMA), has closed an on-line partnership with Prevea Health Services. Under the agreement, Prevea's physician directory will provide access to physician Web sites on the Medem network. The physician listings in the directory will include direct links to practitioners' Web sites, enabling consumers who are looking for a physician to obtain far greater information, and offering broader access for patients and physicians on the Medem network.


"Most consumers find a physician using their health plan provider directory", explained Edward Fotsch, MD, CEO of Medem. "However, up until now listings included little more than the doctor's name and rudimentary or basic contact information. At present, patients can access valuable information about the physician's practice through their Web site and also communicate on-line with the practice, as a result of the partnership. This begins to build the on-line physician-patient relationship which is requested by consumers and embraced by physician offices."

"Our partnership with Medem will enhance Prevea's existing services, offering tremendous benefit to our patients and physicians who are part of Prevea", stated Ronald Menaker, Executive Vice President of Prevea Health Services. "This is a natural effect of the Internet: just as almost every business card now includes a Web address, in the same way will our physician directory listings."

For those physicians within Prevea Health Services, Medem is also assisting in building their Web sites with secure messaging capabilities using Medem's "Your Practice Online" service. The service enables physicians to communicate with their patients and provides patients access to the most credible, comprehensive health care information offered by several medical societies, including the State Medical Society of Wisconsin, from their own physician's Web site.

"Working with Prevea Health Services grew from our partnership with the State Medical Society of Wisconsin, whose doctors are key participants in the Medem network", added Dr. Fotsch. Established in October 1999 by the U.S. nation's medical societies, Medem's rapidly expanding network already consists of organisations whose membership includes more than two-thirds of American physicians. Medem is building the premier secure patient-physician network featuring the trusted clinical content of America's medical societies and direct patient access to their own physician's Web site, with tools and services which adhere to the standards for physician-patient interaction on the Internet.

Prevea Health Services was founded in 1996 when the West Side, Beaumont, and Webster Clinics physicians joined forces. They garnered the support of St. Vincent and St. Mary's Hospitals. At present, Prevea Health Services is comprised of 900 local partners and 140 physicians at 14 locations. The locally based, physician managed organisation offers its own insurance, occupational health programmes, and sports medicine services. Prevea's goal remains constant: to help patients stay healthy by building a strong patient-physician partnership.

Leslie Versweyveld

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