Doctors seamlessly switch between paper and PDA using ttools' hybrid Stylus Pen

Providence 04 April 2001Currently, personal digital assistants are used by nearly a third of all health care workers according to HIMMS, the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society. To allow physicians, clinicians, and nurses to switch between paper documents and personal digital assistants (PDA) more easily and efficiently, ttools LLC has developed a hybrid stylus pen which is safe to utilise on all personal digital assistant screens, and with an intuitive click, reveals an ink tip for use on paper.


Historically, physicians have resisted desktops and technology in general, but have made PDAs popular because of their portability. They give doctors much more flexibility, while enabling them to quickly retrieve up-to-the-minute medical data, such as information on hospitalised patients. The PDAs and their stylus allow medical professionals to have fast reference and easy access to specific patient and drug information.

Even if you can access medical data through a PDA and stylus, how can you write prescriptions without a ballpoint? Daily clinical practice traditionally includes writing prescriptions, adding information to charts, and discharging patients. The ttools company has created a complete solution which marries both modern technology and traditional ways by designing a Stylus Pen to use with a PDA. It doubles as a pen so physicians can switch between paper and digital effortlessly.

"Technology is rapidly changing the way we do things in the medical field and I am keen to use any new technology which helps me work more efficiently. In particular, the ttools Stylus Pen enables me to take surgery notes on my PDA and draw patient eye diagrams on paper, without the hassle of carrying several pens", commented Dr. Rangram Chandran, resident ophthalmologist at Yale New Haven Hospital.

The ttools company offers three models of stylus pens. Each is designed with different user requirements in mind. All models are refillable and include an integrated reset pin. The PDApoint has a characteristic full-size ergonomic body shape, shirt-pocket or docking clip and simple click button to easily switch from stylus to pen. The SLIMpoint, which is the answer to thin PDA port storage, sits entirely within the built-in stylus port for a more compact and trimmer look and fit. The PREMIERpoint is a sophisticated, brushed chrome version of the original with a shirt-pocket clip and executive styling.

Selling price for the PDApoint is $6.99, for the SLIMpoint $12.99, and for the PREMIERpoint $24.99. Since the Autumn of 2000, ttools' Stylus Pens are available under the Fellowes brand name at major computer and office retail stores including mass merchandisers and mail order catalogues. Fellowes is a global manufacturing corporation providing home and office organisational solutions to retailers.

Founded in 1998, ttools LLC designs, manufactures, and markets the digital input stylus which doubles as a pen to operate seamlessly in both the digital and paper-based work environments including hospitals. The ttools products sit where digital demands and documents meet the user, working with both the handheld computer and on the printed page.

Leslie Versweyveld

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