RealTimeImage's iPACS integrated into Wuestec's Digital Radiography suite for real time Internet Image Delivery

San Bruno 06 April 2001RealTimeImage, a provider of Internet-based image technology, has signed a licensing agreement with Wuestec Inc., an innovator in Digital Radiography (DR) and other advanced digital imaging technologies, for the use of RealTimeImage's iPACS software in the first DR suite enabled for immediate Internet Image Delivery (IID). Wuestec's digital radiography suite consists of a digital image receptor, Silicon Graphics workstations, an x-ray generator, high-resolution monitors, a radiographic stand, PACS viewing software, remote diagnostic capabilities, and an examination table.


Under the agreement, Wuestec will integrate RealTimeImage's state-of-the-art image streaming software into its advanced DX2000 DR x-ray receptor to provide built-in real time image-sharing capabilities over the Internet with authorised users worldwide. Wuestec also has secured iPACS software licensing to market internationally as part of its comprehensive line of PACS and related telemedicine products and services.

"With Internet Image Delivery, RealTimeImage and Wuestec introduce an important new category of digital imaging equipment with capabilities to share diagnostic-quality images in real time directly from an acquisition device. This enables original images to be shared almost instantaneously with medical professionals anywhere, whether for remote diagnosis, for consultation while the patient is on the table, or second opinion", stated Gene Rubel, vice president of medical imaging for RealTimeImage.

"With a simple plug and play connection, users can hook up the DX2000 to the Internet, without complicated, costly PACS or tele-radiology software or proprietary connections, and enable Internet access to lossless DICOM images with ultra-fast speed", Mr. Rubel added. iPACS' patented Pixels-on-Demand streaming technology delivers diagnostic quality images in seconds across all bandwidths, from high speed LANs to dial-up modems. The state-of-the-art iPACS Viewer sends all necessary diagnostic tools along with the image to remote locations.

"The new DX2000 digital x-ray receptor enabled for Internet Image Delivery fulfils a variety of important needs", commented Eric Lazo, vice president, sales and marketing for Wuestec. "It is eminently suited to mobile surgical and x-ray units as well as remote clinics which frequently have films read off-site. It equally meets the needs of smaller stand-alone radiology clinics and individual practices which must share images, but are not ready to invest in a full-scale PACS or willing to settle for typically slow tele-radiology systems. Individual radiologists, referring physicians, and specialists will enjoy the personal benefits of reading images any time and anywhere."

iPACS supports Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption and meets all HIPAA guidelines for information security and portability. Along with advanced image sharing capabilities, the new DX2000 digital x-ray receptor offers the full benefits of Wuestec's advanced DR technologies, including unrivalled digital image quality, resolution and processing speed at a purchase price comparable to film-based radiography systems.

"Wuestec made its name in high-performance, ultra-reliable, cost-effective DR that is easy to install and manage. Now, purchasers who want the new iPACS Internet Image Delivery feature, can try it before they buy it", commented Mr. Lazo. "iPACS software bundled with the DX2000 will provide a complimentary three-month product trial. Purchasers may then continue to use it under a variety of agreements, from immediate purchase to a pay per use."

As an iPACS licensee, Wuestec offers the technology as part of its advanced PACS, telemedicine, and tele-radiology systems with optional video, audio, and high-speed data transfer components. A live iPACS demonstration is available at the company's Web site so users can experience the power of the technology. "iPACS' rapid information transfer speed is an important benefit to our customers, whatever connection used. But for some, it means that significant savings can be made by enabling continued use of existing communications and display infrastructure rather than upgrading", explained Mr. Lazo.

Additionally, because RealTimeImage's streaming technology requires no pre-processing or duplicate archives, the users are assured immediate access to original data with lossless quality and greater reliability. Images remain on the main server and are not downloaded as data streams to remote users, helping to ensure patient privacy. Wuestec intends to introduce iPACS in its DX2000 in June of this year.

RealTimeImage is a developer of innovative imaging technology and services for the medical and graphic arts communities. By providing high quality image streaming technologies, RealTimeImage is able to improve efficiency, streamline work flow, and facilitate on-line collaboration. Founded in 1996, the venture capital-backed company is headquartered in California. The company's research and development is conducted in Israel.

Founded in 1991, Wuestec Inc. is a leading-edge digital solutions company focused on delivering industry-leading technology to the medical, industrial, and communications markets. The company's product lines include digital x-ray (DR) equipment, networked video communications hard- and software, and picture archiving and communications systems (PACS) in combination with Wuestec's full service solutions: film digitising and data conversion, off-site storage, and image streaming.

Leslie Versweyveld

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