Singapore General Hospital to choose StorageTek solution for efficient data management

Singapore 25 April 2001Doctors, nurses and other staff at Singapore General Hospital spent many months in search of a reliable and efficient IT system to access, maintain, and share hospital information. The hospital found that their current system did not allow for the easy management of data. They readily acknowledged the need for a newer, more technologically advanced data storage solution. StorageTek, an expert in tape automation, virtual storage and open storage area networks, responded to the hospital's search with a storage solution that includes one TimberWolf 9740 tape library, three 9840 tape drives, and the company's Application Storage Manager (ASM) software.


Together with the hospital's existing data system, the StorageTek solution allows its users to quickly retrieve, maintain, and exchange hospital information, thereby saving time and money. The Singapore General Hospital implemented the solution last November 2000. The StorageTek solution, that seamlessly integrates with the hospital's existing application, allows for the worry-free transmission and duplication of all stored information. Singapore General Hospital chose the system in an effort to achieve operational goals such as streamlining work flow, minimising delays in patient care, digitising medical information with backup copies, and sharing information with other hospitals and clinics around the world.

Hospital employees also hope to use the system to take advantage of new opportunities in the medical industry such as telemedicine and research. "StorageTek's solution provides a cost-effective system that meets the hospital's storage requirements", stated Lawrence Ang, the hospital's project manager and a principal systems analyst of SingHealth. "We are pleased that the performance of the tape drives, library, and software is superior to that of our previous optical disk solution, particularly for very large files. In addition, the solution is scalable, allowing us to add more tape media to meet our future storage requirements. The StorageTek project team was professional and efficient. They got the system up and running within the one month's project time frame and co-operated well with our other IT vendors during installation of the system", Mr. Ang added.

"The implementation of this new application for the hospital reinforces StorageTek's ongoing commitment to bring world-class solutions to multiple industries around the world. We are interested in simplifying the hospital's administrative duties and, therefore, bringing doctors, nurses and patients together in a more timely fashion. Our storage solution contributes to the administration of quality care for hospital patients around the world", stated Ong Chee Beng, StorageTek country manager for Singapore. The storage solution has the capability to store and create duplicate copies of all hospital data. The system in place at the hospital is a combination of StorageTek hardware and software.

The Application Storage Manager software enables the system administrator to set storage policies and the users to store, back up, retrieve, and move the data. Residing in a UNIX machine, ASM controls both the Redundant Array of Independent Disk (RAID) and the 9740 tape library equipment. There is also a version of ASM capable of operating within the Windows NT platform. The unlimited file structure makes this solution highly scalable, allowing users like Singapore General Hospital to add storage capacity which meets their growing needs. This leading edge, cost-effective and scalable technology has been widely deployed throughout several industries including financial services, video broadcasting and other service providers.

StorageTek, a $2 billion worldwide company with headquarters in Louisville, Colorado delivers a broad range of storage solutions for digitised data. The StorageTek solutions are easy to manage and allow universal access to data across servers, media types, and storage networks. StorageTek company has innovated virtual storage solutions for tape automation, disk storage systems and storage networking. Because of StorageTek, customers can manage and leverage their digital assets as their businesses grow and can maximise IT productivity to ensure enterprise-class business continuity.

Leslie Versweyveld

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