Cyber-Care and BellSouth partner in tele-health screening sessions for senior golf players

Boynton Beach 18 May 2001Cyber-Care Inc. has participated with BellSouth in a medical tele-monitoring programme for golf players at the BellSouth Senior Classic at the Opryland tournament, held May 27 to June 3, 2001 in Nashville, Tennessee. The exclusive programme, that illustrates Cyber-Care's Electronic HouseCall System (EHC) and BellSouth's Fast Access Internet services, provides Senior Tour players and their spouses with on-site health screening evaluations.


Cyber-Care's EHC System, combined with BellSouth Fast Access Internet services, delivers interactive tele-monitoring sessions using a direct data, video, and voice link between Springhouse Golf Club and Kim Dayani Health Promotion Center at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. This programme enables the medical care takers at the health centre to remotely evaluate standard medical data including pulse, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, body weight, and heart and lung sounds while simultaneously communicating with the players and spouses.

"The Electronic HouseCall System allows us to offer additional services as part of the health screening process which Vanderbilt is offering to the Senior Tour players", stated Sallie Harris, MS coordinator of Corporate Health Promotion, the Kim Dayani Health Promotion Center at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

"The collaboration by Cyber-Care, BellSouth, and Vanderbilt to create this health evaluation programme at the BellSouth Senior Classic is a great example of how broadband technology can be used to extend high-quality medical care to remote locations", explained Marty Dickens, President in Tennessee for BellSouth.

"The ability to provide Dayani Health Promotion Center with a remote extension of medical services is an excellent way to demonstrate the flexible applications of the Cyber-Care Electronic HouseCall System", added Michael E. Lemnitzer, vice president of business development. "The BellSouth Senior Classic at Opryland provides the perfect venue to highlight the real life benefits of the newest health care technology available. We appreciate the tournament's commitment to promoting the importance of ongoing health screening."

BellSouth Corporation is a communications services company, located in Atlanta, serving more than 45 million customers in the United States and 16 other countries. The company provides a full array of broadband data and e-commerce solutions to business customers, including Web hosting and other Internet services. In the residential market, BellSouth offers DSL high-speed Internet access, advanced voice features, and other services. The company also provides on-line and directory advertising services. BellSouth owns 40 percent of Cingular Wireless, that delivers innovative wireless data and voice services.

Cyber-Care Inc. is a network-based telehealth solutions company improving the delivery of care through its Internet-based technology. The company creates a live, interactive community which incorporates all members of the medical care team in the delivery of the health care process, resulting in cost reduction and improvement in the quality of patient care. Utilising patented technology for remote monitoring and real time interactive communications between chronically ill patients and their providers, Cyber-Care's Electronic HouseCall System allows for effective and efficient data collection, case management, and personal interaction.

More information on Cyber-Care's tele-monitoring activities is available in the VMW March 2001 article US Government and rehabilitation service providers both show interest in Electronic HouseCall System.

Leslie Versweyveld

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