Capsule launches new DataCaptor version for medical data acquisition in XML and HL7 formats

Paris 21 May 2001Capsule Technologie has released its DataCaptor version 4.0, the latest evolution of the medical device connectivity software. The new version provides data in XML and HL7 formats, the two most widely used standards in the health care industry, improving ease of data integration into clinical applications.


DataCaptor is a software-only connectivity engine, which allows Clinical Information Systems and Electronic Medical Record applications to collect data from a wide variety of medical devices at the patient bedside. As of today, more than 130 market-leading medical devices such as monitors, infusion pumps, and respirators are included in a continually growing device interface library. All data, including wave forms, are collected in real time and can be registered or stored into clinical applications.

DataCaptor version 4.0 also supports Windows 2000, in addition to Windows NT, and benefits from multithreading, which offers the application a greater stability and performance. Users may download and evaluate DataCaptor free for 30 days with access to all interfaces in the library.

Capsule Technologie is a specialist in medical device connectivity. The company's mission is to enable unprecedented standards in medical performance and health monitoring by interfacing standalone medical devices to information systems, allowing medical data to be digitally collected, distributed, and processed. More company details are available in the VMW March 2000 article Capsule Technologie to receive venture capital destined for innovative health care technology development.

Leslie Versweyveld

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