Rotenburger Hospital in Germany readily switches from CASPAR to ROBODOC surgical assistant

Davis 27 April 2001Integrated Surgical Systems Inc. (ISS), a specialist in medical robotics and image-directed, semi-autonomous robotic products for surgical applications, has received an order for the ROBODOC Surgical Assistant System for immediate delivery to the Evangelisch-Lutherischen Diakonessen Mutterhaus in Rotenburg, Germany.


"This represents the first conversion to the ROBODOC Surgical Assistant System since former OrtoMaquet, supplier of the CASPAR System, announced its decision to immediately close its operation as of March 31, 2001", stated Dr. Ramesh Trivedi, President and CEO of Integrated Surgical Systems. "This development is very significant because Dr. Rudolph, chief of both the orthopaedic and traumatology departments and the clinic was the first to buy the CASPAR System three years ago. This shows the hospital's positive experience with the robotics technology and belief that the ROBODOC System is the only proven viable system in the market."

Commenting on the current situation, Dr. Rudolph explained that there are patients waiting for several months to perform the total hip surgeries with the robotic system and that it is not appropriate to make them wait longer. Referring to his quick decision to switch to the ROBODOC System, Dr. Rudolph stated: "Any interim solution to continue to use the CASPAR System would leave the long term problems unresolved. We do not believe that anyone can continue to develop and support the CASPAR System with novel applications such as total knee surgeries, revision hip surgeries, acetabular planning and replacement, spine surgeries, etc. We do not want to subject our patients to an obsolete system."

The Vice-Manager of the clinic, Mr. Quaschner stated that he totally agreed with Dr. Rudolph's comment. "Even though this represents additional cost to the clinic, it is the right decision for our patients." ROBODOC is the robotic surgery system of Intuitive Surgical Systems which is used for total joint arthoplasties. ROBODOC consists of a robotic arm assembly and a PC-based 3D planning station called Orthodoc. The company has installed 37 ROBODOC Systems worldwide.

The ISS neuro-surgery product, NeuroMate, is the first robotic technology based system for use in stereotactic brain surgery. NeuroMate consists of a robotic arm assembly and a PC-based planning system. NeuroMate equally interfaces with other popular planning stations which are offered by third-party vendors. ISS has installed 16 NeuroMate Systems in the United States, Europe, and Japan.

Integrated Surgical Systems Inc. develops, manufactures, markets, and services computer-controlled, image-directed robotic products for surgical applications. ISS produces the ROBODOC Surgical Assistant System, which is designed for orthopaedic applications. The ROBODOC System has been used to perform successful total hip replacement surgeries on more than 8000 patients worldwide. ROBODOC is currently being marketed in Europe and the Middle East. NeuroMate, an ISS neuro-surgery product, is the first robotic technology for use in stereotactic brain surgery and it has supported to date over 3000 neuro-surgical procedures.

Leslie Versweyveld

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