Doctors speak on equal standardised terms through medical language engine enriched electronic patient record

Atlanta 12 June 2001In order to improve accuracy in health care communication and standardise coding as a means to help reduce inefficiencies and medical errors in patient care delivery, Per-Se Technologies Inc. and Health Language Inc. (HLI), a subsidiary of CyberPlus Corporation, have signed an agreement to incorporate HLI's Cyber+LE Web-enabled health care language engine into Per-Se's Patient1 patient-centred, point-of-care system.


Patient1 supports health care delivery in the United States and a number of international markets, by automating every aspect of the care experience to create a single, confidential, computer-based patient record (CPR). Health Language's Cyber+LE health care language engine creates a common medical vocabulary index across the disparate variety of health care information systems, allowing for comprehensive integrated as well as intelligent management of all clinical and financial health data. According to Gartner Inc.'s research analyst Thomas Handler, M.D., a common medical vocabulary forms an essential component of an advanced CPR and enables many of the value-added enterprise-wide operations of which a CPR is capable.

By integrating Cyber+LE into Per-Se's Patient1 system, health care professionals such as physicians and other clinicians, administrators, and researchers can standardise and seamlessly retrieve the vast and oftentimes confusing number of medical codes which are used to document patient care for physician-based orders, billing, clinical documentation, and research purposes across the health enterprise.

On a broader scale, Cyber+LE provides a thesaurus to integrate and unify the vocabulary differences in medical language to enable health care professionals "to speak the same conceptual language" in support of best practice. Its database of medical terms is compatible with popular coding standards such as SNOMED RT, CPT, and ICD codes, and correlates the many terms used to describe a particular medical condition, procedure or treatment into a common, single concept.

Matthew W. Morgan, M.D., Per-Se's director of health care informatics, said: "There is no other vocational language in terms of vocabularies and terminologies which is as complicated and vast as medicine. As a result, miscommunication and misunderstandings are abundant in health care delivery, with the potential to adversely affect the patient's safety. Health Language's language engine technology is a true breakthrough for Controlled Medical Vocabularies and the CPR. Its extensive medical vocabulary meets the needs of clinicians specifically, using Patient1 for documentation of care processes across all clinical settings."

George T. Schwend, president of Health Language Inc., explained: "Per-Se Technologies' endorsement of our Cyber+LE health care language engine leads the medical information technology industry in standardising complex medical language via its Patient1 CPR system." Formed in March 2000, Health Language Inc. is a software infrastructure company that addresses the needs of the health data supply chain across health care by providing state-of-the-art technology for indexing, unifying, and managing all health care information, regardless of the platform, application or locale.

Per-Se Technologies enables integrated delivery systems and physician practices to optimise the quality of care delivered as well as the profitability of business operations simultaneously. The company supports 35.000 physicians and 2000 health care organisations. More details about Per-Se's Patient1 CPR system are available in the VMW June 2001 article M. D. Anderson Cancer Center to select Per-Se Technologies' Patient1 computer-based patient record solution.

Leslie Versweyveld

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