Pulse helps Anatomical Travelogue put on-line interactive 3D images of human body interior

San Francisco 13 June 2001Anatomical Travelogue, a creator of anatomical and biological images, has signed an exclusive strategic partnership with Pulse, a provider of 3D animation and rich media for the Web, to bring these images to the Internet. Under the terms of the partnership, Anatomical Travelogue and Pulse will focus on generating Internet content for the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, medical e-learning, medical technology and sports. Both partners will also collaborate on a Web site to accompany "Health Profiles", a television series that Anatomical Travelogue is currently developing.


Web health research will never be the same for the people who search for medical information on-line. Real, interactive, 3D images will allow users to fly through human anatomy, view virtual surgery, and see how drugs work.

"Without compromising the quality of our work, with Pulse technology we can optimise our images of the interior of the human body, from the molecular level up to the gross anatomy, for the Internet, and create the medically accurate and engaging interactive content which both educators and markers are looking for today", commented Anatomical Travelogue President and CEO Alexander Tsiaras.

"We could not be more excited about partnering with Anatomical Travelogue to design enterprise solutions for the medical field, especially in the pharmaceutical marketing arena", according to Pulse CEO Fred Angelopoulos. "Pharmaceutical marketing and promotion is one of the few sectors which has continued to increase its advertising spending, up to the current level of over $10 billion a year."

"This will be an outstanding learning tool for high school and college students and is an excellent education approach for the lay person. The potential for this approach extends far beyond the educational level as it permits incorporation of data at higher levels of complexity", stated David Lester, Ph.D. Chair, Public Affairs Committee, American Association of Anatomists. "This tool will be an important research aid by providing the researcher the opportunity of incorporating new data and maintaining the appropriate perspective in relation to the intact human body."

Based in Manhattan, Anatomical Travelogue is a privately held company that has developed proprietary technology used to process biological and medical data to create real 3D images of the interior of the human body. Anatomical Travelogue acquires the actual human data from a full range of scanning modalities and processes it into 3D images and 3D volumetric data sets of the interior of the human body.

The image sets have been compiled into a 3D library of the entire human body, including molecules, chromosomes, cells, tissues, organs and systems, as well as major diseases and medical conditions. Anatomical Travelogue licenses the contents of the library and equally uses the library to produce health, medical, and sports programmes.

Pulse is a privately funded developer of the leading technology for creating and experiencing interactive, 3D animation on the Web, with significant investment from Softbank. Pulse specialises in bringing life to the Internet by providing rich media solutions for digital content creation in marketing and advertising, e-learning, e-commerce, service, support, and entertainment.

Leslie Versweyveld

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