Fakespace and StereoGraphics launch super infrared transmitter for full coverage in immersive environments

Kitchener 17 July 2001Fakespace Systems Inc., specialised in immersive visualisation systems, and StereoGraphics Corporation, a major supplier of stereoscopic visualisation products, have partnered to make available the world's most powerful infrared (IR) transmitter for use in immersive environments. The new Extended Range Emitter, that is jointly developed by the two companies, offers a strong signal, covering an expanded area, for reliable stereo viewing in large-scale visualisation systems such as the WorkWall, CAVE, and RAVE.


Infrared transmitters emit infrared pulses which alternate the electronic shutters on active stereoscopic glasses to synchronise them with alternating left eye/right eye projected images. The new Extended Range Emitter provides an emission range of up to 100-ft. compared to the current 30-ft. maximum range of commercially available emitters, and an improved cone or angle of emission. It is also sufficiently powerful to project its beam through a hard or soft display screen, simplifying installation and keeping the emitter hidden from view.

Designed for use with Fakespace Systems displays, the emitter increases the power of the infrared beam utilised to control stereoscopic eye wear and decreases the number of emitters necessary for immersive viewing in large areas. It equally reduces the potential for signal loss, which can occur if placement of emitters is restricted. For example, in order to maintain a reliable stereo signal within a walk-in, immersive room, up to14 standard emitters were previously required. With the new Extended Range Emitter, just three devices are needed to provide coverage throughout a ten-ft. by ten-ft. environment. The number of emitters required to provide coverage to large audience venues such as auditoriums is also significantly reduced.

"For engineers, researchers, and others working in CAVE and RAVE environments, it is essential that they are able to move about freely without experiencing flicker or drop-out", explained Steve Fine, vice president of engineering at Fakespace Systems. "We worked with StereoGraphics to expand the range of existing emitters, in order to provide the Fakespace Systems customers with an exceptional immersive experience."

Fakespace initially developed the concept of a more powerful emitter, which could be realised by increasing the size of the infrared emitting diode array, and increasing the supplied power. StereoGraphics further developed the design, and is manufacturing the Extended Range Emitter, which is now available. It will be sold exclusively in conjunction with the Fakespace Systems solutions until the end of the year, when it will become available as part of the StereoGraphics family of products.

"We are pleased to work with Fakespace Systems in the development of this innovative product for visualisation system users", commented Ian Matthew, director of marketing at StereoGraphics. "As both of our companies are pioneers in immersive visualisation, it is a natural evolution for us to work together as to advance the state of today's visual simulation systems."

StereoGraphics products allow architects, engineers, scientists, and medical and graphics professionals to visualise large, complex data sets naturally and interactively. Today, over 100.000 users utilise StereoGraphics products to enable earlier detection of design errors, enhance design review, as well as accelerate time-to-market. The company's Stereo3D products, such as CrystalEyes, have been in use for more than a decade in engineering and key design centres. The products are sold worldwide via a network of authorised re-sellers.

Leslie Versweyveld

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