Scott & White to deliver distance medicine through's MedReach

Jacksonville Beach 28 June 2001Scott & White Hospital and Clinics, a comprehensive health care provider in the Central Texas area has selected the Application Service Provider (ASP) of integrated health care portal solutions,, to implement its fully integrated distance medicine solution, MedReach. The fulfilled upgrade to MedReach moves Scott & White away from the limitations of a point-to-point service and into the full connectivity of a Web server environment.


The MedReach solution enables access to a central server, image capture, wound care, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance and encrypted files for security, patient information and record storing, scheduling at a central facility, claims, and tracking of audit trails to ensure timely billing and payment. also provides Scott & White with an enterprise-wide, multimedia distance medicine solution to more efficiently provide care to patients in small communities spread over a vast geographic area, reduce the need for patients to travel great distances to receive care, and diminish the time that physicians and hospital staff must travel to see patients at geographically dispersed clinics.

Services ranging from paediatric neurology, adult cardiology, post-surgery follow-up and endocrinology, will now be available through the MedReach solution. Initial installation of MedReach will connect the solution server, located at Temple in Texas, with twenty-six client sites located at remote sites, including clinics in Horseshoe Bay, Waco, College Station, Georgetown, Gatesville and Taylor, Texas. "This is a strategic part of the overall mission of Scott & White for the future of delivering health care in the 21st century", commented Dr. Gregory Hobbs, director of Telemedicine at Scott & White. "MedReach allows us to provide for distribution of needed medical services across rural areas, while simultaneously reducing the cost and increasing the quality of care."

Dr. Hobbs further added that continues to support and significantly enhance all of the distance medicine needs with their functional and affordable, high-quality solutions. "Not only do the solutions offer the basis for distribution of needed medical services across rural areas, they are essential to continuing in the reduction of health care costs while at the same time delivering quality, personalised care." In addition to the integration of MedReach with the existing suite of products, future phases with the hospital and clinics include the use of the company's MedMicroscopy solution, as well as the framework for Wireless Telemedicine Workstations in the renal and wound care centres.

John F. Andrews, chairman and chief executive officer of e-MedSoft, cited the expanded relationship as further reinforcement to the comprehensive nature of capabilities offered by the company. "We are proud of the continued growth with such a highly regarded client as Scott & White, and the natural evolution with customers of the same calibre and high standards. Our robust technical product set, and our excellent customer services, allow us to continue our upward progress to higher value-added areas which benefit clients and the patients they serve."

Through the Internet and its Java-based integrator which utilises Sun Microsystems Inc.'s Java technology,'s software facilitates communication across diverse platforms and languages in unlimited capacity, allowing for the interlink of doctors, hospitals, clinics, HMOs, insurance companies, financiers, and government agencies. The ease and low cost with which it can be implemented, its Internet-based ASP model, which reduces the need to build internal IT infrastructures, and its ability to allow for the exchange of information across diverse platforms and systems bode well for its widespread adoption by the medical community.

Leslie Versweyveld

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