VIDAR digitising solution allows to send medical images securely via e-mail

Herndon 03 July 2001VIDAR Systems Corporation, an expert in medical film digitising technology, has been chosen by Easy Pax Inc. to include its digitisers with the new Easy Pax Communication solutions. The integration will facilitate the electronic transmission of x-rays and other non-digital images via e-mail using a secure Internet connection. Two of VIDAR's digitisers, including the DiagnosticPRO plus and the SIERRA plus, have been integrated into the Easy Pax software in order to meet the varying digitisation needs of medical practices.


Easy Pax Inc., an international provider of cost-effective imaging communication products and services, recently launched a range of micro-picture archiving and communications products designed to allow medical institutions of all sizes to easily acquire, compress, archive, and transmit images. Proprietary technologies, such as a modality-specific compression engine, communication protocol, and access privileges, allow the Easy Pax solutions to transfer large quantities of images along with written and verbal comments securely via e-mail.

According to Brian Beardslee, vice president of VIDAR's Medical Business, the clinically proven image quality provided by VIDAR's digitisers will help Easy Pax bring full-scale imaging resources to medical institutions and practices reliably and affordably. "VIDAR's digitisers will be a key component of the Easy Pax solutions, allowing hard copy films to be easily and cost-effectively converted into digital images that can be transferred via e-mail", Mr. Beardslee stated. "Easy Pax is at the forefront of expanding the use of the Internet to improve the delivery of medical care, and we are pleased that VIDAR digitisers have been selected for use with the system."

According to David Koff, M.D., president of Easy Pax, the VIDAR digitisers will add value to the Easy Pax solutions. "The quality, reliability, and durability of VIDAR digitisers are second to none, and we feel they will be a strong complement to our revolutionary new software." The company's flagship DiagnosticPRO plus features unmatched image resolution and is ideal for PACS, remote primary diagnosis, and tele-radiology. The small, wall-mountable SIERRA plus offers high-quality images and meets the siting needs of medical offices, where space often is at a premium.

Easy Pax, a Toronto-based company, provides a wide range of cost-effective communication products and services for the medical imaging marketplace. The company's mission is to facilitate the development of a global network for health professionals via the Internet. Easy Pax was founded in 1998.

VIDAR Systems Corporation, a privately held technology company based in Virginia, is a manufacturer of x-ray film digitisers and advanced solutions for medical markets. VIDAR's family of film digitizers serves the PACS, remote primary diagnosis, tele-radiology, telemedicine, mammography, and oncology markets. The company's digitisers are the choice of more than 100 systems solution providers worldwide. More information on VIDAR is available in the VMW January 2001 article VIDAR film digitisers to enhance quality of's remote imaging applications.

Leslie Versweyveld

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