Global Med divisions Wyndgate and Peoplemed sign hospital contracts for transfusion and disease management services

Denver 18 July 2001Global Med Technologies Inc. has signed agreements with the Memorial Health System of East Texas (MHSET) and Underwood Memorial Hospital to license Wyndgate Technologies' SafeTrace Tx hospital transfusion service management information system. Wyndgate is a division of Global Med, an e-Health medical information technology company which provides software products and services to the health care industry. In turn, Global Med's subsidiary and Cardiovascular Disease Management LLC (CVDM), a joint venture between the National Jewish Medical & Research Center and Western Cardiology, both of Denver, Colorado, have recently planned to jointly launch an advanced and comprehensive Internet-based cardiovascular disease management programme.


SafeTrace Tx is a Microsoft Windows based, feature-rich hospital transfusion service management information system which is uniquely designed to fully support enterprise-wide centralised transfusion services (CTS) management, including advanced functionality such as electronic and remote cross-match, automated patient special needs, and antigen/antibody screens.

Underwood Memorial Hospital, partnering with Jefferson Health System of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a 310 licensed bed, acute care non-profit hospital serving Gloucester County and parts of Camden and Salem Counties in New Jersey. With over 1500 full and part-time employees and a professional medical and dental staff of over 400, Underwood Memorial Hospital provides a broad scope of diagnostic and treatment services in the comfort, convenience, and security of a suburban community hospital setting.

"SafeTrace Tx met all of our needs from the viewpoint of safety and functionality. Its ease of use and the flexible Windows platform made it a good choice", stated Carol Aff, Laboratory Manager at Underwood Memorial Hospital. "Wyndgate has earned a good reputation in the blood banking software market and we look forward to implementing SafeTrace Tx."

Memorial Health System of East Texas, a private not-for-profit corporation, is dedicated to providing quality, comprehensive health care services which afford considerate, respectful care focused upon the individual needs and rights of each patient. Founded in 1949 by the business community of Lufkin and Angelina County, Memorial Health System of East Texas is one of the most complete health care providers in East Texas. In addition to its Lufkin medical centre, Memorial Health System operates hospitals in Livingston and San Augustine.

"SafeTrace Tx was the system chosen by the laboratory because of the system's extensive functionality and ease of use", stated Ron Cowart, Chief Information Officer at MHSET. "From my standpoint, SafeTrace Tx allowed me to use existing Windows-NT hardware, lowering the total cost of the project and increasing the level of supportability."

The Wyndgate Technologies division is a supplier of management information systems to United States blood centres. Current clients of its products and services manage more than 2.5 million units of blood or over 20 percent of the United States blood supply each year. Global Med Technologies' other subsidiary, Inc., is an ASP clinical information system for early intervention in chronic disease management which is designed to give health care providers and other third party payers easy and immediate access to comprehensive clinical information. has recently signed a contract with Cardiovascular Disease Management LLC (CVDM).

This new cardiovascular disease management programme will combine's Web-based disease management system with proven protocols designed by CVDM in collaboration with James B. Young, M.D., Medical Director at Kaufman Center for Heart Failure, and Head of the Section of Heart Failure and Cardiac Transplant Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, to focus on managing patients with congestive heart failure (CHF) and other cardiac diseases.

Richard D. Jantz, M.D., FACC of CVDM stated: "The joint venture with will allow us to create one of the most advanced software applications for CHF and other cardiac diseases, which will reach even more patients and provide them with critical information about their health." The collaboration will offer access to one of the country's leading management protocols for CHF. All of this information will be integrated into's proprietary suite of Internet-based disease management products.

"Once this information is incorporated into our Application Service Provider (ASP) model, will be able to provide health care professionals access to protocols with proven and demonstrated outcomes in the management of CHF, coronary artery disease, and hypertension", commented Michael I. Ruxin, M.D., Chairman and CEO of Global Med Technologies Inc. and Inc.

"The proven protocols to manage these conditions will be added to the growing list of protocols for chronic diseases which our products currently manage, including asthma and Congestive Obstructive Pulmonary Disease using National Jewish's protocols, and diabetes. Ultimately, this programme will allow physicians, HMOs, health plans, Medicaid agencies, nursing homes, at-risk employers, and disease management companies to have the pre-eminent in-house disease management programme that will greatly improve the quality of life of patients and reduce costs", explained Dr. Ruxin.'s disease management products offer medical professionals immediate access to comprehensive clinical information for their patients with chronic diseases. Managed care and disease management organisations utilise these products as a way of managing and monitoring patients who suffer from multiple chronic illnesses or co-morbidities, effectively merging treatment protocols so they are managed as one complex disease.

CVDM was created by National Jewish, an expert centre in providing disease management services for patients with chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma and emphysema, and Western Cardiology, specialised in providing clinical care for cardiovascular disorders, to create intellectual property to deliver disease management services for cardiology patients.

Leslie Versweyveld

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