Upgraded KinetDx system expands cardiac imaging capabilities turning hospital into digital laboratory

Seattle 09 July 2001At the Twelfth Annual Meeting of the American Society of Echocardiography, held at the end of June, Acuson, a Siemens company, presented new technological features for the KinetDx Solutions Network. Acuson is a manufacturer and service provider of medical diagnostic ultrasound systems that generate, display, archive, and retrieve ultrasound images. Key features of the KinetDx Total Viewer system enable physicians and sonographers to automatically transfer cardiac calculations data from the Sequoia echocardiography system to the KinetDx DS3000 or the CWS3000, eliminating time spent writing up worksheets and improving the turn-around of final reports.


"Echocardiography departments today demand dynamic image management solutions tailored to the unique clinical and work flow needs of the imaging modalities", stated Bill Carrano, vice president, worldwide marketing for Acuson. "The architecture of the KinetDx Solutions Network allows institutions to cost-effectively implement a single department network, or seamlessly integrate patient information throughout the hospital-wide enterprise."

The KinetDx Solutions Total Viewer upgrade expands the capabilities in cardiac imaging through the automatic transfer of cardiac calculations data from the Sequoia or Aspen echocardiography systems to the KinetDx worksheet and report package. This feature will eliminate the time a sonographer spends manually creating worksheets for physicians and it will increase the accuracy of final reports.

In addition to echocardiograms, the Total Viewer makes it possible for the physician to pre-fetch and view Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance (MR), and Cardiac Angiography images, which expands the multi-modality capabilities of KinetDx in both cardiology and general imaging. The angiography viewer allows cardiologists to view cardiac catheterisation images and compare them with the ultrasound images commonly taken before and after catheterisation. The ability to view CT and MR images enables KinetDx users to easily compare the ultrasound study to any prior or future studies done on other modalities, for verification of pathology.

With more than 190 networks installed worldwide, comprising 450 sites and over 1000 ultrasound systems connected, the KinetDx Solutions Network is a review and reporting system for increasing productivity, managing costs, and enhancing work flow efficiencies. The KinetDx network has made the digital laboratory a practical reality for the hospital and echocardiography departments across the world. It offers immediate access to the ultrasound exam from anywhere in the hospital including remote centres using Internet-based telemedicine applications for diagnosis and reporting, and dynamic exam review worldwide.

The new archive-to-PACS capability allows customers to use an existing PACS deep archive, which eliminates the need for a local archive system. Now, institutions that have the need to consolidate storage of all imaging data into one cost-efficient, long-term archive can do so with the KinetDx network. The KinetDx system seamlessly integrates patient information throughout the hospital enterprise (HIS, CIS, RIS). Hospital-wide integration also improves work flow efficiency by eliminating redundant data entry and ensures automatic distribution of final reports to multiple departments and referring physicians, or the entire hospital enterprise-wide system.

Additionally, the KinetDx system now offers an increased Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (RAID) capacity for fast, rapid access of ultrasound exams. Institutions can cost-effectively increase their on-line storage capacity in 32 GB increments. Additionally, the KinetDx exam export to DICOM CD-ROM feature allows physicians or sonographers to export one or more ultrasound exams to a CD. For example, a patient can take a CD with his or her exam on it to a referral site or to another institution for a second opinion. Physicians can use this feature to create a CD with exams for presentation and the KinetDx system will automatically place a DICOM viewer on the CD, eliminating the need for additional software to view the exams.

Leslie Versweyveld

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