Medem secure messaging big hit among doctors, integrated delivery networks, and health plans

San Francisco 09 July 2001Medem, the secure physician communications network founded by the United States medical societies and the American Medical Association (AMA), has exceeded projections in 2001 network growth. More than forty medical societies have partnered with the Medem network in the past year. During June, the network swelled to 30.000 participating physicians, with over 5000 of these practices initiating secure messaging to communicate with patients.


"The network growth has been truly rewarding", said H. Dunbar Hoskins, Medem's Chairman and the Executive Vice President of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. "It can be directly attributed to the opportunities our network provides to physicians and their medical organisations in creating a trustworthy business and clinical service through a secure communications network. Our physician members are looking to their medical societies to provide a trusted, secure and eRisk-compliant service to help reduce the massive administrative burdens of the health care system."

Further increasing the reach of the network, Medem has forged agreements with integrated delivery networks (IDNs), including Cooper Health System, which are extending the Medem service to their enrolled and affiliated physicians via a Virtual Secure Network (VSN). These groups are primarily interested in Medem's Secure Messaging to enable physician-to-physician and physician-to-patient communication in a secure network, without needing to invest in a complicated information technology (IT) infrastructure.

"Our IDN partners receive a locally-branded, HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant network, with trusted clinical information from the nation's medical societies for communications between physicians, patients, and the IDN at a small fraction of the cost of any other comparable option", commented Edward Fotsch, MD, CEO of Medem. "The service offers immediate value for the affiliated physicians and patients, and the IDN."

Medem has also begun working with a growing number of health plans to link their provider directories to the Medem network, providing increased access to millions of new insured patients for Medem-participating doctors. "Our health plan partners, including major national plans as well as regionally dominant Blues organisations, such as Blue Cross and Blue Shield of South Carolina, intend to point their on-line provider directories at Medem network and to Medem physicians", stated Dr. Fotsch.

"This provides immediate value to the plans, their members, and to Medem-participating physicians. Beyond this, we are working aggressively to embed health plan transactions into our secure messaging service, thereby expanding our service offering and value to participating physicians and their offices", added Dr. Fotsch. More Medem news is available in the VMW May 2001 contribution Medem-Prevea partnership to enhance the on-line patient-physician relationship.

Leslie Versweyveld

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