Emageon to deliver enterprise-wide digital imaging services for SwedishAmerican Hospital

Birmingham 08 August 2001The SwedishAmerican Hospital has selected Emageon, a technology and enterprise solutions provider for diagnostic imaging in health care to manage its entire enterprise-wide acquisition, archiving, distribution, and viewing of digital images. The company offers hospitals, integrated delivery systems, and health care communities a new means of creating institutional value and managing digital images.


Emageon allows facilities the ability to have an enterprise-wide, fully open and digital environment, offer enhanced patient care, better service to physicians and improve financial performance. Emageon's managed use agreement creates immediate cost savings with no capital outlay or risks of system obsolescence. This includes all components, enterprise-class acquisition, archiving, distribution, and viewing, both diagnostic and clinical, over LAN, VPN and Web, at one price per study, often less than the cost of current film-based solutions.

Emageon's core technology, which serves as the foundation for the insourcing services, is the first enterprise-class storage and distribution management software for the medical imaging industry. The software technology, built for the Java platform, is engineered for massive scalability, high performance, extreme reliability and ease of operation with "best-of-breed", third party software and hardware. The open systems design and architecture of the technology significantly lowers the total cost of operation and ownership.

"Emageon's comprehensive insourcing solution offering provided us with a unique and an extremely attractive financial model specifically geared towards managing the financial complexities and realities of implementing enterprise image management systems. The traditional PACS purchase approach offered by other vendors was simply not flexible enough to meet our needs", stated Don Haring, SwedishAmerican's chief financial officer. "Emageon offered us a solution where we share accountability for success and where our risk is mitigated."

"SwedishAmerican Hospital is a perfect example of the kind of health care facility we seek to serve", explained Emageon CEO Chuck Jett. "They were looking for a partner who could bring clinical and diagnostic value, via digital imaging, to their entire enterprise, an integrated system to access patient information at the point of care, and one who offered and will supply ongoing services and work flow enhancements after installation."

Martin Butler, M.D., Chairman of Radiology at SwedishAmerican, commented: "Emageon is bringing far more to SwedishAmerican than just a technology to archive and distribute digital images. Their solution will help our department create greater value, including better service to our patients, better service to our referring physicians, more efficient work flow, while keeping us more competitive in today's demanding market. Now, our group has tremendous choice, choice of diagnostic workstations, choice of clinical workstations, and even choice of Web viewing technologies. It was a refreshing alternative to the traditional approach of buying all your PACS components from one, large proprietary vendor."

Natalie Wagner, MS, RT SwedishAmerican's Manager of Medical Imaging added: "We were very impressed after having visited Emageon's reference accounts. The Emageon solution was extremely comprehensive in its scope, insuring that proper and detailed change management processes are utilised to drive adoption rates of this powerful technology. And their recently proven successful implementations gave me piece of mind that their professional services organisation could quickly and efficiently implement the technology correctly on time and on budget within a 90-day schedule."

A subsidiary of SwedishAmerican Health System, SwedishAmerican Hospital is a 400-bed, full-service, not-for-profit hospital serving the greater Rockford region, northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. SwedishAmerican is also a teaching hospital with an affiliation to the University of Illinois College of Medicine. Founded in 1911, SwedishAmerican has earned a reputation for its commitment to quality health care, including clinical excellence, outcome measurements, and placing the needs and concerns of its patients first.

SwedishAmerican medical staff encompasses approximately forty different specialities, as well as all of the major surgical specialities and sub-specialities. Its outpatient surgery centre provides state-of-the-art procedures and service to more than 6000 patients annually. Headquartered in Rockford, Illinois, SwedishAmerican Health System serves 12 counties in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin through a major acute care hospital, a network of 14 primary care and multi-speciality clinics, the region's largest home health care agency, and a full spectrum of outpatient, wellness, and education programmes. It includes the Midwest Center for Health and Healing, the region's only centre exclusively devoted to alternative and complementary medicine.

Emageon is the first affordable enterprise-class DICOM archiving and distribution solution for the health care industry. Through its cost-effective, per study pricing structure and its high performance, infinitely scalable technology and open systems approach, Emageon eliminates the financial and technical obstacles that prevent a health care enterprise from offering a fully digital environment. Emageon enables the archiving of diagnostic images, making them available to health care professionals anywhere, anytime and securely, across the Internet, intranet, or virtual private network. This results in better patient care, service to physicians, and improved financial performance for the health care facility.

Leslie Versweyveld

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