Virtual Human Gallery shows interactive 3D models of anatomical structures

New York 15 August 2001Viewpoint Corporation, specialised in digital marketing technologies and services for the Internet, has licensed its technology to Gold Standard Multimedia (GSM) for on-line display of its "Virtual Human" database of anatomical models. Users can expect the Viewpoint-enabled Virtual Human Gallery to be fully deployed this autumn. Scientifically accurate models displayed in the Gallery Web site will be available for licensing through GSM. In addition, GSM will be reselling the Viewpoint Experience Technology as a value added solution for their clients. Viewpoint in turn will receive a broadcast license fee for each contract sold.


Derived from the most detailed anatomical database available, Gold Standard Multimedia's three-dimensional human models will be accessible for interactive viewing with the Viewpoint Media Player. "The market for detailed, accurate anatomy content is developing rapidly in diverse segments of the medical industry", stated Dr. Jon Seymour, Chairman and CEO, Gold Standard Multimedia. "The ability to interact with human anatomy in a virtual environment is extremely valuable in medical education settings worldwide. Viewpoint helps us to achieve this functionality directly over the Web."

Scientifically accurate human anatomy models are useful for viewing anatomical structures and relationships in three dimensions, such as the hip and the surrounding structures involved in a total hip replacement surgery. Primary uses for these models include medical education, biomedical engineering research, surgical training, and medical device simulation. For example, researchers may use a 3D model of the knee and surrounding area to develop a surgical simulator for knee surgery. Or a medical device company may use a 3D model of the gall bladder to develop and demonstrate a laparoscopic device used to perform a cholecystectomy.

"Viewpoint enters the medical industry for the first time and we are very excited about what Viewpoint Experience Technology can provide to the research and education markets", commented Dave Feldman, Executive Vice President of Marketing for Viewpoint. "We are pleased that Gold Standard Multimedia has chosen Viewpoint to enable the health care industry to access the highest quality human anatomical information available through use of the Viewpoint Media Player."

Viewpoint is a provider of digital marketing technologies and services. The company licenses its proprietary technologies for e-commerce initiatives and provides a full range of professional services for implementing enhanced digital rich media marketing solutions that integrate on-line advertising, promotions, and e-mail strategies. Viewpoint is headquartered in New York City with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, and Tokyo.

Gold Standard Multimedia (GSM), founded in 1993 and located in Tampa, Florida, is a publisher and developer of innovative medical education and drug reference software and on-line services. GSM's programmes are used in over 95 percent of U.S. medical and pharmacy schools, as well as by hundreds-of-thousands of health care professionals worldwide. Currently available for viewing on Windows, the anatomical models will be supported on the Macintosh operating system as well in the near future. To see a prototype model on-line, you can visit the Virtual Human Gallery.

Leslie Versweyveld

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