Lahey Clinic chooses Xtria to implement integrated three-phase digital imaging solution

Dallas 20 August 2001Xtria, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xanser Corporation, which was formerly named Kaneb Services Inc., has been selected by Lahey Clinic Medical Center for a $10 million, multi-year project. Xtria, a provider of knowledge management services, will design, implement, integrate, and support a complete digital imaging and telemedicine solution, including a Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS). In the $10 million, three-phase project, Xtria Healthcare Services division will integrate PACS with Lahey Clinic's Radiology Information System (RIS) and Hospital Information System (HIS) to present digital radiology images, administrative and patient information directly to staff workstations.


The goal of this endeavor is to dramatically improve patient care and efficiency, as well as increasing the clinical and financial contribution of the radiology department to the Lahey Clinic. Xtria's deployment of the PACS system will allow Lahey Clinic physicians to accelerate patient care. The integrated communication network will enable doctors to electronically share studies and results, and digital imaging technologies will increase the throughput of imaging studies by 200 to 300 percent.

The system will also allow information to be shared between the Lahey Clinic facility in Burlington, Massachusetts, and international locations through secure Web-based and dedicated wide area connections. Beyond the benefits to patients and medical staff, the system will greatly reduce the costs associated with traditional, film-based radiology imaging, which requires processing, storing, and distributing images in film libraries.

"Xtria's implementation of this state of the art digital medicine solution will substantially enhance patient care by providing real time access to diagnostic images and patient information throughout the Lahey Clinic facilities. In addition to improving work flow and capacity, the overall administration and management of radiology and patient services will be significantly enhanced", explained Arthur Chavoya, Xtria's CEO.

During the first phase of the project, Xtria will deploy the core PACS servers in support of Lahey Clinic's orthopaedic department, speeding up the imaging process and allowing department staff to share and simultaneously view radiology images and associated clinical data. The second phase of the project will bring the same level of access to all departments of Lahey Clinic. In the third phase, nationwide Lahey Clinic facilities will gain access to the system. Once the $10 million, three-phase project is complete, Xtria will provide ongoing system administration, user training, and maintenance services. Additionally, Xtria will upgrade the system's hardware and software at three and five year intervals.

"As health care professionals, patient care is our number one concern", stated Dr. Anna Chacko, head of Lahey Clinic's department of radiology. "Our strategy is to invest in technology that will enable change, to build a culture that will embrace change, and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Lahey Clinic's radiology service. With Xtria's Healthcare Systems, we will be able to achieve faster access to knowledge by getting more information, from more sources, delivered directly to staff workstations."

Xtria is a knowledge management services provider, focused on niche, high-growth, technology-based markets. The company's portfolio consists of extensive industry knowledge and technology in voice and data networks, health care systems, financial and insurance, education and social services, technology applications, and government systems. The company's knowledge management focus serves customers in the transformation of day-to-day business data and information into executable knowledge which accelerates performance and competitive advantage.

Leslie Versweyveld

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