Zmed imaging solutions for radiation oncology and neuroscience benefit from VIDAR film digitisers

Herndon 09 August 2001Zmed has chosen VIDAR's complete line of film digitisers for use with its Medical Imaging Solutions, which transmit patient images via the Internet, transforming any personal computer with a Web browser into a full-fidelity image-viewing station. VIDAR Systems Corporation is a specialist in medical film digitising technology whereas Zmed provides cost-effective imaging communication systems, which serve the radiation oncology and neuroscience medical market places.


Zmed's unique medical imaging system allows clinicians to view, transmit, and manipulate confidentially patient images using an application service provider (ASP), eliminating the need to purchase and maintain costly software. The system easily transmits a wide range of medical images, from CAT scans to ultrasound, without sacrificing image quality, resulting in more accurate readings and improved patient outcomes.

According to Brian Beardslee, vice president of VIDAR's Medical Business, the clinically proven image quality of VIDAR's film digitisers will provide Zmed's customers with high-quality, cost-effective imaging solutions. "Radiation oncology and neuroscience require excellent image quality in order to accurately diagnose and develop treatment plans for patients", Mr. Beardslee stated. "Zmed's decision to incorporate VIDAR's full line of film digitisers supports our technology and is a milestone for VIDAR."

Marc Buntaine, president and chief executive officer of Zmed, added: "The decision to incorporate VIDAR's line of digitisers was based primarily on the company's excellent name and reputation in the medical market place. We also looked to our physician customers for recommendations, and many suggested VIDAR based on the quality, reliability, and durability of its digitisers."

VIDAR's digitisers were developed in response to clinical demands for a high quality, affordable x-ray film digitiser for PACS, remote primary diagnosis, and other applications. The systems, which are priced at about half the cost of comparable laser digitisers, offer high reliability and a significantly lower total cost of ownership. The digitisers feature new "plus" product enhancements, including the latest versions of HD-CCD technology and Automatic Digitizer Calibration (ADC), which provide optimum performance by delivering the highest quality images available in a film digitiser.

Zmed's Medical Imaging Solutions feature image query and retrieval, storage, and viewing capabilities and provide full-fidelity, Java-based DICOM imaging on any computer. Zmed is a privately held company based in Boston. VIDAR Systems Corporation, a privately held technology company, is a manufacturer of x-ray film digitisers and advanced solutions for medical markets.

VIDAR's family of film digitisers serves the PACS, remote primary diagnosis, tele-radiology, telemedicine, mammography, and oncology markets. The company's digitisers are the choice of more than 100 systems solution providers worldwide. More information on VIDAR is available in the VMW August 2001 article VIDAR digitising solution allows to send medical images securely via e-mail.

Leslie Versweyveld

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