Denver Children's Hospital chooses for patient identity management project

Marietta 31 July 2001Denver Children's Hospital has selected Corporation, a health care integration software and services company, and pending merger with Inc., to lead its enterprise-wide patient identifier initiative. The project is designed to protect the integrity of the hospital's patient data, decrease duplicate patient record entry, and to assist in prompt and accurate admission services.

Advertisement will implement Madison's ALIGNDEX enterprise identity management software on 170 registration workstations and integrate the software with several core systems used by the hospital, such as EPIC patient accounting, MEDITECH laboratory, and IDX radiology. The ALIGNDEX software is a flexible tool for linking patient data stored in different systems to generate consistent and comprehensive views of entities, like patients and providers. The implementation will result in a master index of information on each patient contained in all participating systems, enabling Denver Children's to share accurate patient information in real time across the enterprise.

"Denver Children's commitment to its patients extends to every aspect of their care and experience with the hospital", stated CIO Jim Turnbull. "The significant integration issues involved in a project of this scope led us to choose" Mr. Turnbull pointed out that correct patient identification is vital to the health care organisation, as clinical records, billing, and clinical research initiatives rely on accurate demographic information for each individual patient.

Since hospitals make use of multiple unrelated applications, they are challenged in creating a "single point of truth" on the identity of the patient. Also, hospitals can face additional hurdles in correctly identifying paediatric patients. For example, social security numbers, which are used as an identifier by many health care information systems, often are not readily available for children, especially those under age two.

"Because it establishes unique patient identifiers, the ALIGNDEX software will provide a critical foundation for our clinical data repository initiative later this year", Mr. Turnbull said. The ALIGNDEX software will be used to clean and normalise data prior to its being loaded from participating systems into the clinical repository. Clinical data repositories, which provide an enterprise-wide and longitudinal view of the patient, depend upon the accurate patient identification as a cornerstone of data integrity.

"We are very proud to have been selected by Denver Children's Hospital, a national leader in paediatric care", stated Robert Murrie, president and CEO of "Increasingly, health care enterprises are viewing identity management not simply as a means of improving their admissions and billing processes, but also as an integral part of their strategic IT plans, especially in environments where electronic medical records, clinical data repositories, and other new data access methods are being implemented."

Founded in 1908, the Children's Hospital of Denver is a private, not-for-profit paediatric health care system with more than 1000 paediatric specialists and 1800 full-time employees. It provides care to the region's children at its main campus, and through three speciality-physician satellite offices, four community based urgent and emergency care sites, three speciality-care centres, and more than 400 outreach clinics held annually in a seven-state region. Corporation is a provider of data access, integration, indexing and delivery software and services which use information housed in existing, unrelated applications to improve the enterprise's business processes. The company's products, services, and solutions bridge the fundamental gap between the systems that enterprises rely upon, and new Web, wireless, or transaction based solutions being brought to market. On May 14, 2001, and signed a definitive merger agreement to be closed in August, 2001.

Leslie Versweyveld

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