Viaken and InforSense deliver enterprise data mining systems to life science companies

Copenhagen 23 July 2001Viaken Systems Inc., an end-to-end informatics solution provider for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical markets, and InforSense, a developer of e-science and e-business platforms, are developing a marketing and distribution partnership for the Kensington data mining and visualisation suite in the life science domain. The Kensington suite will be offered by Viaken as part of its set of hosted solutions and professional services products. Kensington customers will benefit from Viaken's expertise in the design, deployment, and management of fully integrated end-to-end research informatics solutions.


Kensington is an Internet-based knowledge management platform for the analysis of life science research data, supporting automated discovery and collaborative research. The system combines data mining and analytical functions, visualisation tools, collaborative work support, and intellectual property management functions within an integrated, extensible, and scalable framework. The system also facilitates the presentation and deployment of scientific discoveries across a company intranet.

"Viaken has deep experience in delivering complex informatics solutions to life science companies. Viaken's state-of-the-art infrastructure enables Kensington to be delivered to a wide range of life science companies from the largest pharmaceutical businesses to smaller biotechs, which makes Viaken an ideal distribution channel for the Kensington system", stated Professor Yike Guo, CEO of InforSense. "In particular, Viaken's experience with large scale integration of complex research data will allow Kensington customers to analyse a wider range of information to extract significant additional value."

"The Kensington system provides the type of high-end enterprise scale data mining and visualisation system which is required to manage and interpret the large volumes of complex data that are generated by today's drug discovery processes", explained Dr. Steve Gardner, Viaken's VP and chief technical officer. "Kensington enables researchers to make more rapid and accurate decisions about Research and Development projects using a full range of statistical analysis and data mining tools. The automation and collaborative research framework offered by Kensington is a very powerful mechanism for improving Research and Development productivity."

InforSense is an infrastructure software provider for knowledge discovery and management in the areas of e-science and e-business. InforSense is a spin-off from the long-established Data Mining Research Group, affiliated to the Parallel Computing Centre at Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London, United Kingdom. InforSense's products, the Kensington series, provide powerful platforms, incorporating a unique combination of a scalable Internet-based architecture, scalable data mining technology, dynamic knowledge management and interactive visualisation technology, as well as the ability to develop domain specific extensions.

Viaken Systems is the premier end-to-end informatics solutions provider, offering enabling solutions for biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and agricultural research and development. Viaken provides a range of informatics solutions including hosting of research applications and databases, strategic research informatics services, High Performance Computing, and primary user support to its customers in the life sciences. The company also provides professional services and strategic consulting services to its customers to design, implement and manage scalable informatics platforms tailored to their specific needs.

Leslie Versweyveld

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