CoreExpress and VCON bring multi-ISP video-conferencing to the desktop over existing Internet infrastructure

Herndon 07 August 2001CoreExpress, the first company to guarantee data communication across multiple Internet Service Providers (ISPs), has signed an agreement with VCON, specialised in comprehensive networked Video over IP solutions, to deliver the industry's first broadcast-quality desktop video-conferencing solution over the Internet. This partnership will enable VCON resellers to provide organisations with a high-performance, scalable, and reliable video-conferencing solution which extends beyond the boardroom to every employee's PC and holds in store promising expansion for telemedicine applications.


Under the terms of the agreement, CoreExpress and VCON will engage in co-marketing activities and sales support initiatives for VCON resellers. VCON's award-winning video-conferencing solution, Media Xchange Manager (MXM), enables customers to easily deploy desktop video-conferencing over the Internet by providing superior manageability with support for a variety of manufacturers' conferencing endpoints and centralised video administration.

CoreExpress Extranet, the only service that effectively combines the scalability and flexibility of the Internet with the dependability and high-performance of an ISDN solution, will provide the network platform for the VCON MXM solution. With CoreExpress Extranet, MXM end-users can now conduct seamless and reliable video-conference calls with complete visibility and guaranteed performance across multiple ISPs.

"Our partnership with CoreExpress provides our customers with high-quality video-conferencing over existing Internet infrastructure, something which has been unavailable until now. By delivering our service to the end-user's desktop, video-conferencing becomes a technology accessible by all employees in an organisation, not just the high-level executives in the boardroom", stated Gordon Daugherty, president, VCON Americas. "Businesses, institutions, and hospitals can now take advantage of video-conferencing from their desktop to improve remote collaboration while also migrating from the more costly ISDN platform."

Until now, video-conferencing has been run primarily on ISDN or across closed private networks. These platforms are expensive to deploy and not scalable. ISDN, which is priced on a per minute basis, is cost-prohibitive for wide deployment. CoreExpress Extranet allows organisations to use their existing Internet infrastructure for video applications such as video-conferencing, e-learning, and telemedicine at a fraction of the cost of deploying private networks or ISDN.

These video applications are also easier to manage and offer a much greater functionality with CoreExpress Extranet, making remote collaboration a reality. In addition, the unique site-to-site visibility of CoreExpress Extranet gives customers the confidence and control which they need to use the Internet for business-critical video applications.

"By partnering with CoreExpress, VCON is offering their customers a more flexible and cost effective solution using existing Internet connections for video-conferencing and collaboration", stated Joe Croft, vice president of business development at CoreExpress. "Until now, video-conferencing was restricted to senior executives or large groups because of the cost and complexity of deploying ISDN throughout the enterprise. This partnership will accelerate the adoption of video-conferencing on every desktop and will allow businesses to be more productive."

CoreExpress delivers multi-ISP, site-to-site performance for data delivery over the Internet, enabling organisations to do more with their existing Internet connections. The company has developed a new Internet core to support its intelligent data delivery service, the CoreExpress Extranet This is the first service of its kind to provide businesses with the flexibility, scalability and reach of the Internet combined with the guaranteed site-to-site performance and reliability of a frame relay or point-to-point network.

With this new class of intelligent data delivery service, CoreExpress enables companies to confidently deploy business-critical applications, including supply chain management, video-conferencing and remote data storage, over the Internet. The foundation of CoreExpress' services is its Internet Data Exchange System (iDES). The CoreExpress iDES platform combines intelligent routing as well as proprietary systems with the company's Internet core, a high-speed, fibre optic network, to deliver customer traffic in the highest quality fashion with unmatched visibility and control.

VCON is a developer and manufacturer of a comprehensive range of networked video over IP solutions. VCON provides award-winning products with a high quality of service (QoS) over enterprise IP networks and offers centralised management and administration for multi-vendor IP video networks. The company also provides complete meeting solutions for desktop, compact, and group conferencing over ISDN, ATM, satellite, xDSL, and other carriers. The company markets its products and services through a network of reseller partners, OEMs, and value-added resellers worldwide. Headquartered in Israel, VCON holds subsidiaries in the United States with offices in various American cities, Germany, Spain, France, the United Kingdom, and China.

Leslie Versweyveld

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