Spartanburg Hospital to adopt McKesson scanning technology for supply chain management

Denver 30 July 2001Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System, a 580-bed facility in South Carolina, has made the commitment to achieving savings in the supply chain by investing in state-of-the-art scanning technology. The hospital recently signed an agreement with Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based McKesson Automation for the installation of their SupplyScan product. SupplyScan is an automated point-of-use system for managing supplies and capturing inventory and usage information. Product implementation has already been completed on the hospital's oncology unit and emergency department.


Following the implementation of SupplyScan, all medical and surgical supplies will be stored on the nursing units in bar coded bins. Spartanburg Regional's nurses will simply touch SupplyScan's computer monitor screen for their patient, scan the bar code on the bin holding the supply they need, and confirm the supply inventory has been automatically decreased by the system. "Charges are done, re-ordering is performed, and inventory is decreased automatically", according to Raymond A. Shingler, the hospital's senior vice president and chief information officer.

Mr. Shingler stated: "We are overwhelmed with the opportunities that SupplyScan brings to our organisation. Selecting McKesson Automation's product enables us to reduce the costs associated with multiple vendors, and to standardise the interface platform." Spartanburg Regional has already installed McKesson Automation's ROBOT-Rx drug dispensing system in its hospital pharmacy, as well as the AcuDose-Rx unit-based secure medication cabinets on the patient floors. Spartanburg also utilises McKesson for pharmaceutical and supply distribution services, and multiple McKesson information system technologies throughout the hospital.

Mr. Shingler plans to install SupplyScan in a total of 38 nursing units over the next two years. "We are confident that we will achieve an inventory usage savings of $2 million over five years when all of these systems have been implemented", Mr. Shingler stated. However, the monetary savings is not the only savings that Spartanburg will realise with SupplyScan. Materials Management is now spending only 20 minutes per week stocking supplies, as opposed to 90 minutes per week prior to the SupplyScan installation. "The manual effort is significantly reduced, plus we are saving money."

Mr. Shingler expects the SupplyScan system to provide Materials Management staff with more accurate knowledge of items being used by classification of patient, which will then help them to identify item cost per patient visit. McKesson Inc. is a supply management and health care information technology company. McKesson Automation, a business unit in the McKesson Supply Solutions segment, markets and manufactures automated medication and supply management systems which help health care institutions reengineer their medication-use and supply management processes to increase cost savings and improve the quality of care.

McKesson Automation manufactures the ROBOT-Rx, a robotic drug distribution system; AcuDose-Rx, an automated unit-based cabinet; Admin-Rx, a bedside medication scanner; Connect-Rx, a medication management open systems architecture; and SupplyScan, a point-of-use supply management system.

Leslie Versweyveld

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