INTEGRIS Health chooses Tivoli tools for wireless access to medical records

Austin 24 September 2001INTEGRIS Health has selected the enterprise management solutions, developed by Tivoli Systems Inc., an IBM company, to help meet its goal of 100 percent network availability, providing better service and reducing costs. INTEGRIS Health is a privately owned health system in Oklahoma. This not-for-profit corporation owns, manages or leases 11 hospitals and dozens of primary care clinics, mental health facilities, fitness and independent living centres across the state. The company's goal is to have a paperless medical record within five years.


"We are employing Tivoli to manage, control, and monitor our entire IT environment statewide", explained Avery Cloud, CIO, INTEGRIS Health. "We are running a $1,2 billion organisation which needs to be protected." Tivoli solutions will help INTEGRIS reduce IT operations costs. The company forecasts a 30 to 50 percent improvement in staff productivity with the use of Tivoli solutions.

"Tivoli Enterprise Console will reduce our training", stated Mr. Cloud. "It is well designed and user friendly and because everyone is looking at the same interface, I do not have to develop a whole battery of different experts for each tool." In addition, INTEGRIS expects the Tivoli tools will provide help desk staff with essential information that will help resolve more than 50 percent of problems on the first call.

"One hundred percent availability is my goal. It is what the business demands", according to Mr. Cloud. "One of the most dangerous situations patients can encounter is when their caregiver has to make split-second decisions about their care without the medical records being available. We are working to equip every patient room and every waiting room with Internet connections. The entire hospital will be wireless. We even plan to extend wireless to the parking lot so that physicians can log on to the network from their cars and avoid crowded workstations inside the hospital."

Clinicians enter all orders, from lab tests to prescriptions, on-line via connected PCs. Before these orders are placed, a sophisticated "rules" engine checks the order against a predetermined set of criteria and flags any potential conflicts. For example, if a medication prescribed is out of the normal dosage range, the system automatically fires off a warning to the clinician to verify the order.

IBM Global Services (IGS) is helping INTEGRIS deploy Tivoli through a phased roll-out. "IGS is providing us a fast track implementation approach. I do not believe in having an army of Jedi warriors that fly in to deploy tools and fly back out into the starts. My team must be trained in the tools so that they can best use them", stated Mr. Cloud.

INTEGRIS Health is deploying a number of Tivoli solutions including Tivoli Enterprise Console, Tivoli Distributed Monitoring, Tivoli Manager for Oracle, Tivoli Manager for Microsoft Exchange, Tivoli Remote Control, Tivoli Inventory, and Tivoli Software Distribution. INTEGRIS Health's IT environment includes more than 100 servers running a mix of IBM, AIX, Compaq VMS, and Microsoft Windows NT, 3500 desktop computers, and 200 applications.

In the future, the institution plans to look at extending its Tivoli deployment to support storage and security management. "We want to get the basics down first. Then, we will take a look at the other solutions product extensions Tivoli offers and see how more and more of our problems can be solved", concluded Mr. Cloud.

As an integral part of the comprehensive IBM e-business infrastructure solution, Tivoli technology management software helps traditional enterprises, emerging e-businesses, and Internet businesses worldwide to maximise their existing and future technology investments. Backed by the IBM services, support and research, Tivoli software provides a seamlessly integrated, flexible and secure e-business infrastructure management solution connecting employees, partners and customers.

Leslie Versweyveld

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