Finnish company to deliver support and security for medical personnel through mobile positioning

Lappeenranta 06 September 2001A wireless medical Call Centre designed to offer security and support to mobile medical professionals will be set up in Härmä Hospital in Finland. The call centre will provide mobile professionals with advice in emergency situations as well as provide them with immediate help in case of an emergency or danger. The Centre will also function as the single information access point to medical databases, service providers, and facilities for the professionals in the field. The Call Centre is a joint project of TE-Centre, Medical District of Southern Ostrobothnia, Härmänmaa District and LifeIT plc.


MSLocation's RoadTrack Mobile Station Tracking System is used together with Benefon GPS and GSM mobile phones to enable the positioning of the mobile medical professionals in the field. RoadTrack provides a cost effective, reliable, and fast way of positioning mobile units, viewing their positions of multiple map levels and logging their routes. The Call Centre personnel can also communicate with the units via the SMS using RoadTrack. RoadTrack also makes dispatching aid and managing the mobile workforce easier and more efficient.

MSLocation Oy is a privately held company headquartered in Finland. The company specialises in versatile and easy-to-implement location technology solutions for Mobile Location Services (MLS). MSLocation performed the world's first integrated GPS-location and GSM-communication land service test in June 1994 and has been developing GPS and GSM-based positioning systems and applications for over half a decade.

MSLocation's MSL Nexus Location Platform is a multi-method location system that does not require any changes to existing wireless networks while also supporting network-based positioning and a variety of mobile terminals. The company has developed a number of easy-to-use applications, including the RoadTrack Mobile Station Tracking System for resource and asset tracking, and the Web-based SecTrack Mobile Positioning System, a Web-based location monitoring application.

LifeIT Plc is a company at the forefront of medical technology. Its location on the "Internet-plains" of Seinäjoki in Finland, offers a unique environment for the development of medical Information Technology solutions. The development of IT solutions for the medical field is an especially demanding task requiring expertise in technology and health care. LifeIT can respond to this challenge by a unique combination of expertise in both fields.

LifeIT is also a centre of expertise in telemedicine, utilising a large network of partners. The company offers the a large range of services, such as technical support and training in IT, video conferencing technology support and sale, medical technology R&D, system integration for hospital IT systems, and multi-media production.

Leslie Versweyveld

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