Electronic patient record software optimised and brought to market by MedicWare and MedPlus

Irwindale, Cincinnati 06 September 2001MedicWare Inc., a provider of comprehensive, accurate electronic medical records software, has launched its MedicWare EMR 5.0. This version adds functionalities which provide physicians with greater flexibility in how they maintain and access medical records while improving patient care and saving significant amounts of time and money. In turn, MedPlus Inc. introduced the ChartMaxx Version 3.0, a secured electronic patient record solution. Over the past six months, MedPlus installed the 3.0 version at six sites for testing and evaluation on both Hewlett-Packard and IBM platforms with multiple sites now in full production.


MedicWare EMR 5.0 features real time wireless access to complete patient medical records using a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) or notebook computer and is HCFA- and HL7-compliant and ready for the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations. In addition to licensed clinical software, it can be delivered via the Internet through a subscription based model that makes it easier for clinics with little or no IT staff to access and use electronic medical records.

The latest version also introduces:

  • Intranet and Internet readiness, allowing access to hundreds of users with minimal hardware and bandwidth requirements
  • Comprehensive work flow manager
  • Fax integration
  • 128 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption
  • User-defined preferences and arrangement of predefined information such as vital signs and prescriptions
  • Two-factor authentication

"The fact that physicians can now access patients' complete medical records via their PDAs is very exciting to us, and we are proud to be the first company offering that capability", stated Juswan "Jay" Ichwan, president and CEO, MedicWare. "EMR is becoming a necessity as practising physicians are losing more than $25 billion per year in denied or reduced claims, a direct result of inadequate documentation for HCFA. MedicWare is an ideal solution to the problem because it exceeds all government regulations and allows physicians to avoid costly mistakes."

The ChartMaxx and eMaxx systems, designed by MedPlus, an e-Health, business-to-business provider of enterprise-wide private health record systems compliant with current HIPAA regulations, provide access via the Internet to critical clinical data on a patient-centric basis for all care providers, thus enhancing clinical care productivity. MedPlus has implemented the ChartMaxx and OptiMaxx records storage and retrieval products and services in over 125 hospitals throughout North America.

"The growing demand for solutions to assist customers in meeting HIPAA guidelines should be a major factor in driving rapid adoption of ChartMaxx during the coming year", stated Richard A. Mahoney, Chairman and CEO of MedPlus Inc. "The security enhancements available in the new version will allow customers to meet current HIPAA guidelines. In addition, ChartMaxx 3.0 adds many advanced features including enhanced Web access to charts for doctors, support for multiple facilities, and more robust work flow customisation."

Key enhancements featured in ChartMaxx 3.0 include security tools to assist customers in meeting HIPAA standards. Architected using digital certificates and public key encryption technology, ChartMaxx 3.0 provides the following options:

  • Role-based security that only allows identified care providers to access the current patient encounter as well as the patient's entire medical history
  • Numerous password enhancements, including password aging, one-time pass codes, and temporary logins
  • Enforced 128-bit digital encryption for all Internet-based access

The system also offers full functionality for physicians via the Internet. ChartMaxx 3.0 brings to the Web the advanced features that have been included with the ChartMaxx Windows user interface, namely:

  • Chart Navigator, including advanced search options, viewing of unlimited charts at one time, and viewing longitudinal patient data
  • Chart Completion, including editing, annotating, and signing charts, and alerts and support for handling deficient reports
  • Chart Messaging, providing functionality for sending and reading chart messages

ChartMaxx 3.0 better supports the needs of organisations wanting to use a single ChartMaxx system to manage multiple facilities and holds in store improved customisation capabilities to expedite the building of custom work flows. These enhancements to the work flow areas include:

  • A single, highly customisable work flow inbox incorporating chart completion, patient accounts and non-patient folders
  • Broader work flow rule customisation and access control for site administrators
There is also a new data capture to expedite custom interface design, called the ChartMaxx Document Integrator (CDI). This new customisable data capture application provides interface customisation through a Windows user interface.

Leslie Versweyveld

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