Medical experts use Partners Online Specialty Consultations to deliver second opinions across the world

Tempe 22 October 2001Integrated Information Systems (IIS), an innovative technology and business consultancy, and Partners HealthCare System Inc., have launched Partners Online Specialty Consultations (POSC). With this innovation, medical professionals throughout the world may seek Internet-based second opinions and speciality consultations from Partners HealthCare-affiliated specialists. Partners HealthCare is the integrated health care delivery system based in Boston which was founded by Brigham and Women's Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital, two prominent teaching affiliates of Harvard Medical School.


The Partners HealthCare POSC Web service grants medical providers throughout the world access to many of the most respected, highly trained medical specialists in their fields. Inquiring physicians can submit their patients' necessary information on-line through POSC, including medical reports, test results, chief complaint and questions. The POSC service routes this information to the appropriate Partners HealthCare specialist for review and consultation, and returns a recommendation to the submitting physician, typically within 72 hours.

IIS Health Care Services technology experts teamed with the Partners HealthCare Telemedicine Division to design, build, and integrate the POSC solution. IIS Application Outsourcing Services hosts and manages the application, which is built on the Microsoft platform and leverages EMC storage, in Integrated Information Systems' state-of-the-art data centre in Tempe.

"By electronically extending the services of Partners HealthCare worldwide, we are enabling advanced speciality consultation to be delivered to every patient's physician regardless of his or her location", commented Joseph Kvedar, M.D., director of the Partners HealthCare Telemedicine Division. "Patients and their physicians have often been geographically constrained in their ability to physically access a second expert medical opinion. POSC is bridging this divide and filling critical patient needs which may otherwise remain unmet. IIS experts have effectively supported Partners HealthCare's strategic direction by creating and delivering results-driven solutions."

Since the Partners HealthCare POSC Web service launch in July 2001, Partners HealthCare has received more than 4000 unique visitors to the site. One hundred fifty medical patients have registered, and 15 physician speciality or second opinion consultations have been rendered. Partners HealthCare expects its Web site visits and Web-based consultation activity to significantly increase over time.

Partners HealthCare Telemedicine Division is responsible for providing multi-media, tele-conferencing and remote consultation services to operating units within Partners HealthCare System. Health-e-Rounds is the first of Partners HealthCare Telemedicine's on-line services for the Partners HealthCare Specialty Care Development unit.

Integrated Information Systems Inc. provides extensive experience and insight to create a sustainable competitive edge for clients. For companies who seek measurable results from business and technology investments, IIS offers cost-conscious, productive, profit-minded solutions across the entire service value chain with single provider accountability.

Leslie Versweyveld

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