DocuSys uses DataCaptor medical device connectivity engine with drug delivery software

Paris 05 October 2001Capsule Technologie and DocuSys Inc. have signed an agreement whereby DocuSys will use Capsule Technologie's DataCaptor medical device connectivity software with the DocuSys system. The DocuSys system provides point-of-care documentation for manual injectable drug delivery in the operating room. Capsule Technologie's DataCaptor solution is a medical device connectivity engine that collects data from medical devices and sends it to a host clinical information system.


DataCaptor allows clinical information systems providers to integrate legacy device data directly into their applications, creating a complete and accurate patient chart in an acute care environment. In turn, Docusys is the only system of its kind in that it digitises drug delivery data without clinician input, offers a real time baseline for outcome analysis, and establishes a closed-loop narcotic audit trail. By integrating the DataCaptor software, the DocuSys system is able to display and archive data from over 140 devices from different manufacturers which are included in the vast DataCaptor Device Interface library.

"DataCaptor is a key component of the DocuSys system. Capsule Technologie provides an easy and efficient solution for anaesthesiologists to monitor patient data on a single screen rather than multiple displays", stated Dr. Robert Evans, co-founder of DocuSys Inc. and inventor of the DocuSys system. "Capsule Technologie's solution is in synergy with DocuSys' strategy to provide automated patient data when and where it is needed."

"Assistive technologies implemented to reduce medical errors will reshape the field of clinical information systems in anaesthesia", commented Nicolas Choussat, President of Capsule Technologie. "Capsule Technologie is committed to provide DocuSys with the best medical device connectivity solution to ensure the success of the DocuSys system on the market place."

Providence Hospital in Mobile, Alabama, is currently using the DocuSys system integrated with DataCaptor to provide a complete anaesthesia record in general operating rooms with plans to expand service to the obstetric and cardiac surgery units in the future. Providence Hospital is member of Ascension Health.

DocuSys is an organisation borne from a private practice anaesthesiologist's experience and desire to provide his colleagues with technology that facilitates, versus encumbers, the clinical process. Technology works in the background to provide concurrent documentation, proactive medication and other alerts, as well as enhanced legal/medical documentation and fiscal improvement.

Capsule Technologie is a specialist in medical device connectivity. The company's mission is to enable unprecedented standards in medical performance and health monitoring by interfacing stand alone medical devices to information systems, allowing medical data to be digitally collected, distributed, and processed. More news about Capsule Technologie is available in the VMW October 2001 article Capsule Technologie to provide medical device connectivity to Dräger Medical Group.

Leslie Versweyveld

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